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That’s How You Celebrate After Winning World Cup

July 13, 2021 – 12:18 pm Comments Off

Drink beer to relax is the best way after you win world cup, but Cesc what you doing with your hand in the pants… haha

Is Beer and World Cup A Good Pairing?

July 12, 2021 – 12:12 pm 2 Comments

Now the Fifa World Cup 2010 is over and Spain is the new Champion beating Nedtherlands 1-0 at the extra time, how much have you spend for beer during this period of time. So many beer promotion happening in town and some even buy extra beer to keep in home to watch the game.

So how much money you spend during world cup?

Which is you favourite place to watch the game?

Which is your favourite drink during the game?

How much beer have you consume during this 1 month?

Please leave some comments to see how beer and world cup are related or you can also answer in our facebook discussion here. Cheers and congratulation to Spain!

Carlsberg Unveils Contest To Create The Longest Digital Stadium Wave

July 2, 2021 – 1:58 pm Comments Off

Jun 2010 – Carlsberg today launched a contest on popular social networking site Facebook in a bid to create the longest digital stadium wave. The contest aims to elevate football excitement into the next stage in the lead up to the World Cup finals on July 11, 2010.

Nothing can beat the Mexican ‘Wave’ during a major sports event in igniting the spirit of the game and in spurring the team on, as it is visually dynamic and exciting, creating a buzz. Every major game should have a ‘wave’.

Carlsberg online wave will mimic the spirit of the game and give fans a chance to be part of the celebration of football in Malaysia. Winners of the contest stand a chance to win an iPod Touch Music Station that consist of an iPod Touch and JBL Portable Speaker!

Consumers can participate by visiting Carlsberg’s Nice One fan page on Facebook.

To enter the contest:

  1. Fill in your details in their appropriate boxes then click next upon completion
  2. Navigate along the icons to select an icon that best represents you.
  3. Choose your own photo from your Facebook album or upload a new photo
  4. Preview your face and body that will appear in the wave.
  5. Add your friend whom you want to appear in the stadium wave
  6. Choose a body and photo for your friend
  7. You’ve have added a friend to your stadium wave.
  8. Add more friends to be part of the celebration. The more friends you add the longer the wave.
  9. An invitation will appear on your friend’s wall, and he or she will also appear on your stadium wave after you have invited her.

The deadline for the contest is on 31st July 2010

More Prizes to be won with Jaz Beer. RM1,000,000 Prize Galore

June 22, 2021 – 5:25 pm Comments Off

The soccer fever is definitely on ! Jaz Beer,  the beer for those who are adventurous and are willing to take chances and daring to be different, has added even more  excitement to the greatest sporting event of the year by giving away prizes worth up to a whopping RM1 million  during its Jaz Up Your Game Campaign!

It is easy to win. There is no entry form to fill or slogan to write. Just purchase a bottle of limited edition Jaz Beer football bottle ,and you will stand a chance to win attractive prizes including RM100 and RM1,000 in cash and a bottle of 150ml Jaz Beer. Drinkers will have to tear off the edge of the limited edition Jaz Beer football bottle to reveal a code representing each prize. There are three winning codes for the prizes, namely ‘1K’ for RM1,000.00 cash, ‘R1’ for RM100.00 cash and ‘JR’ for a bottle of (150ml) Jaz Beer. Customers with the winning code stated in the shrink-wrap will have to call to Jaz Promotion Hotline at 1-300-22-5299  (from to 12 midnight daily during the promotion period) and answer a simple question in order to redeem their prizes . More prizes to be won as the campaign only ends on 31st July 2010. Jaz enthusiasts should not miss this chance to Jaz up their soccer excitement !

Customers can buy Jaz from their regular outlets. In addition, they can get their favorite beer from  “Jaz Promotion Teams  ” which will be promoting the beer at various venues in Peninsular Malaysia during the Jaz football Campaign period.

All prizes won during the promotion campaign must be redeemed  before 15th August 2010. Winners must redeem their prizes before the above date. They have to bring the original copy of the shrinkwrap in order to redeem their prize.  Late redemption will not be entertained.

Launched three years ago, Jaz Beer is a full taste German-styled lager with full taste with an aromatic finish . An international quality beer, brewed with hops and imported ingredients, using German Technology and expertise. Its smoother taste and more aromatic flavor has been formulated to suit the taste of Malaysian drinkers.

Targeted at the Hips and adventurous , Jaz Beer “Jaz It Up !” tagline is a call to action , reminding consumers to be hip , to have fun and dare to be different . Jaz Beer is available at restaurants , food centers and selected night spots throughout the country .

Road To Africa – Uruguay & USA

June 10, 2021 – 2:30 pm Comments Off

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