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Things That Is Salah: Cigarette Butt In Urinal

September 8, 2020 – 9:25 am 3 Comments

I hate seeing cigarette butt in the urinal. We are in the pub and there’s many ashtray out there for you to die off your cigarette. The only solution for pub owners is maybe put ashtray in the toilets.

Smoker sometimes are just pure lazy, throwing cigarette butt anywhere for convenient sake. Come on smoker be more considerate. Still wish one day all pub are smoke free in Malaysia, then won’t see this kind of cigarette littering.

Things That Are Salah – More Toilets Please

January 20, 2021 – 9:23 am No Comments

I always find that establishment spend a lot of many attracts a lot of people to their places. But many outlet either ignore or forget about the toilets in their outlet. Imagine an outlet that can put in hundreds of people with just 2 toilets, for me that is kinda ridiculous. Sometimes you can see the people lining up in front of the toilets. Especially the ladies line.

Especially beer drinkers, toilet are essential as the more you consume the more you want to go to the loo to release. For the guys can be easily solve with urinals but for the ladies, at least need few more cubicles to make their live easy.

What do you think? Anyone have any experience to share?

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