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Bye Bye Steve Job… RIP (1955-2011)

October 6, 2020 – 8:57 am No Comments

Just come after a day of announcement of the new iPhone 4s, Steve Job passed away after fighting with health issues. But never the less, he is a great man that inspired many great young generations. He do inspire me as well, maybe not in beer but more on creative and looking at the future. He have inspired me with Apple product for more then a decade… till today still are a big mac fan. Don’t forget Pixar as well, that changes the animation scene.

His presentation are consider one of the best, which capture attention and make wave for many others to follow. His creative in the industry have make many ground breaking style which we all enjoy today. A genius in his own time.

Steve Job, if only you were in the beer industry.

I will all give a toast to the success and creative that he give to us Cheers!

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