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Malaysian Crowned Master Pourer Will Take On The World At 2014 Championship In Cannes

November 4, 2020 – 1:20 pm Comments Off

Malaysia’s best bartenders have gained recognition by winning the ‘Best Performing Country’ Award during the Stella Artois World Draught Master Regional Finals 2013 at Sofitel So Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.

Three gentlemen, who represented the country, bested 16 other contestants from five Asian countries by successfully accumulating the most points throughout the Draught Masters competition on 22 October, giving them an excellent opportunity to snag the coveted award.

Kenneth Soh, General Manager of Luen Heng F&B Sdn. Bhd. commented upon accepting the award, “Perfected by the Belgians and rich heritage, the fine art of pouring does not only ensure that the beer tastes as it should but also adds theatre to the consumer experience. We are very honoured to have received such a notable award by Stella Artois. We believe that our Malaysian contestants clamoured through the World Draught Master relentlessly over the past month to showcase an outstanding performance of the 9-Step Pouring Ritual.”

Adding a medal to its trophy, Malaysian bartender, Leong Kar Fei emerged as the country’s number one pourer, among his team of two other participants, Tang Kum Loong and Ong Poh Wee. Leong a local tapster from Brussels Café, Malaysia has been automatically selected to battle for the eminent “World Draught Master” title at the 17th international championship in Cannes, France in May 2014, along with the other winners from the five Asian countries during the Regional Finals in Bangkok.

“It is an amazing experience to be shortlisted as Malaysia’s best bartender and I’m truly appreciative to Luen Heng F&B and Stella Artois for providing this chance of a lifetime. The training and support has not only helped my skills in pursuit of executing the Ritual flawlessly but also as a bartender: A perfectly poured Stella Artois in a Chalice is a thing of beauty. As a bartender, I want to introduce to our consumers a perfect pour Stella Artois. It will be a privilege for me to rekindle beautiful moments with this special beer experience. Meanwhile as for the final challenge, this is just a start; there are more preparation works to be done for me,” shared Leong.

The Regional Final also saw the presence of Allan Schaiko, the 16th Stella Artois World Draught Master conducting an intensive training session with the contestants. Schaiko, the Belgian lad flaunts the perfect pouring ritual, applying the finest methods to best use the Chalice’s frame, stem and signature rim, offering an exquisite Stella Artois experience. Whilst showcasing his expertise, he also shared his experiences as a beer tapping connoisseur through travelling to more than 10 countries worldwide.


Brussels Beer Cafe @ Jaya One

November 12, 2020 – 8:11 am 20 Comments

I never have a chance to come to this place, each time my friend gather there either I was on tour, going back Penang or working. But this time I tell myself, I have to come, there are too much hype on this place that I must come and check it out myself. Brussels Beer cafe is situated in Jaya One. The new commercial area in Petaling Jaya. Very nice and cosy place, surrounded by industry area.

So while waiting for all the friends to come, we will always order something to warm up. So we order a pint of Hoegaarden White beer draught. With a squeeze of lemon, the taste is refreshing and have hint of citrus fragrance. AhHup is the one that teach me how to drink this way, which make the taste a bit different. Of course Brussels have a unique selling point which I dying to try it out, so went everyone arrived, we order the main character.

Check out the size of the beer glass, the one on the left is the 5 pint glass compare to the 1 pint glass on the right. The glass itself already make me excited, to finish this glass of beer is not going to be easy when you drink by yourself, but I still want to try it one day, as I think this will be one of the coolest way in drinking beer.

Of course with so many people sharing, we are not going to just drink the normal way, straw are chunk in to make drinking a bit more easy. Of course the 1 pint glass Hoegaarden taste nicer then this big glass, but is the beauty of sharing the huge glass that make it very interesting.

In the end we still have to drink the old style way, as the straw can’t really make drinking fun. The glass is heavy, plus the drink inside, is crazy. We all take turn to drink, I truthfully enjoy it very much. But that’s not all, when we finish the Hoegaarden, we order another big glass but this time is Stella Artois.

The glass is so big that I even look thin in this picture. I wish, each of us can order each big glass to drink. From far I know they only have 3 of this glass each, if you are there and wish to get it, don’t think twice, just order it, if you are blogger like us, you must order it, then take picture with it, then post in your blog to show off to your friends.

Of course all the fun must come to an end. We end with König Ludwig and Hoegaarden Grand Cru. the heavy taste beer is to cover the taste of the rest. With nice aroma still floating in our taste bud, this will be one place that I will come and conquer again. Have a good time trying and cheers!

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