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Nickeldime Drafthouse (Singapore)

October 21, 2020 – 9:30 am Comments Off

The month of October sees the birth of a well established watering hole in Singapore, Nickeldime Drafthouse. Situated at a strategic location of Novena, it’s just 5 minutes walk from the MRT station.

Nickeldime Drafthouse




The Concept
Quality food paired with quality beer at the price that does not hurt the wallet for men and the purse for the ladies. At the corner of the shop is a section setup as the bottle beer shop of which attractively priced beers are available for takeaway.



Spacious seatings and beautiful retro decoration makes the whole experience relaxing and conducive for some good companies and conversations.



The Beers
Craftbeers from American, British to Belgium. From Lager, India Pale Ale to Porter, the varieties of beer will spoil you for choice. If the bottled beers variety is not enough, there’s 15 taps with fresh from the kegs are served everyday. Proceed to the counter and look for the friendly bartender for what they have to offer that day on draft.


The Food
Beer is definitely the theme here. As if the vast amount of beer selection is not enough, the food is inspired and infused with beer. With good selection of bar bites, pizza, burgers and ribs for the protein hungry patrons, the food will not disappoint.



The Conclusion
Definitely should come and experience Nickeldime Drafthouse if you are a local. If you are vising Singapore, include this in your must-try list for craftbeer place to visit.


Contact Info
Address: 273 Thomson Road, #01-06, Singapore 307644
Tel: +65 6256 0261

Potbellies (Soon to be named Lee Tai Fu) in Singapore

July 24, 2021 – 9:30 am Comments Off

This was one of the early place that developed my interest in craft beer about 2 years ago when it was still named Heart of House. The partnership of this gastropub has split and one of the owner has branch out and set up his own place.


Now Derek, the owner of Potbellies has set out on his own to set up this gastropub that focus on good food and affordable good craft beer. Lots of American craft beer, Germans, Belgians and ciders to be offered here.


If IPA, Saison, Porter, Cider and Weissbier are something that hit hard on your thirst, then Potbellies is the place for you. According to Derek (the owner), they have struck an exclusive deal with Singapore’s American Craft Beer Club. They will provide some very attractive price to their offerings of American craftbeer to add on top of the delicious food like Otah-otah pizza and fried chicken wings that is to be offered. More beer varieties will be offered on tap and also some limited edition American craftbeer.


So, if you happen be around Tiong Bahru area in Singapore, make sure you pay a visit to Potbellies. It is situated right beside NTUC along Kim Tian Road, you will not missed the outdoor table and flooring tiled with craftbeer bottle caps that beautifully decorate the place. However be informed though, that Potbellies will be rename to Lee Tai Fu soon, due to unintentional infringement of the same name of an establishment in the USA. Address can be found as follow.

Lee Tai Fu (formerly known as Potbellies)
16 Kim Tian Road
Singapore 169251

Always Fun At Beerfest Asia

June 13, 2021 – 10:33 am Comments Off


This is fifth year attending the Singapore Beerfest Asia. This year setup looks quite the same like last year layout, so is kinda familiar to me.


Of course beerfest is about trying out new beer, it’s also a place to gather friends, meet new people, party to the music, churn out the stress and best of all enjoy the great outing.

There are tonnes of beers to choose from. Is best to explore with friends. Sharing beer may not sound cool but trust me, the more you try at beerfest, the more u like doing it.


4 persons group will be the best. If each one have 4 beers, you could easily tried 16 types of different beer which is cool! That’s what beerfest is all about!


Always have the heart to explore! Try to describe what you like and the people working behind the booth will introduce some exciting flavours!


So how much money you need to spend? Will cost about S$100-200 per person. Depending how drunk you plan to be!

I manage to meet a lot old buddy and friends! Is like a big gathering for me!


I guess, there are not price for fun. Like the MasterCard ads — priceless.

Beerfest still happening, started Thursday (12 June 2021) and end on Sunday (15 June 2021). If you never attend beerfest before and you are on singapore during this period, it will be an awesome time to do so.

Small advice, please don’t drink and drive and cause any havoc when drunk! Cheers!

Beer Is Always Evolving!

May 16, 2021 – 4:15 pm Comments Off

Just a short period of 6 years I embark into craft beers, I have seen the craft beer revolution and the beer evolution. The choices and varieties are way beyond our imagination as the beers are evolving.

Ok this apply to both commercial and craft beer, some may not agree but is a fact. Commercial beer are evolving to sell the beer to the messes. While the craft beer have build a group of followers that are always seeking for new style of beer.

Sadly, commercial beer could have more but they choose to stay with the advice from the people that don’t drink beer. But that’s not the point, commercial beer like Tiger also have came out with Tiger Radler which is beer with lemon flavour at 2%abv. The beer mostly target younger non drinking market to build more market share. Which is good, hopefully, this people will end up drinker beer and fall in love with craft beers :)

As for the craft beer, the trend keep changing. From a period of barrel aged beer to a period of sour ale and lambic. The latest craze is session beer with full body yet maintain the moderate 5%ABV. I did manage to try a couple of my favourite session beer. Good stuff!

Why can beer evolve with ease?

Beer evolve easily as it’s brew, which it’s cooked before it’s start fermenting. Flavour still can be added after fermentation, this give beer the flexibility like no other alcohol. With it’s cooking and mixing method, the style of beer will be unlimited to explore. Just like early days beer doesn’t include hops. Earliest record of hops in beer was in 11th century.

So far spice ingredient from Asia are not fully feature in craft beer yet, there are still plenty of potential to bring the beer to different creativity and taste. IPA is kinda of the symbols for Craft Beers geek. Even IPA have change drastically depending of which country it’s from. I still haven’t tasted the German IPA which I highly anticipate, hope to get them soon.

Many of the older beer culture country still not fully export out their craft beer which I believe will bring on another dimension of flavour to craft beer world. Commercial beer are getting a bit boring but they also evolve throughout the years. Creating less calories, more selection of flavour and rebranding their labels.

Beer is a common drinks that is not wine, is not sake, is not cider but is a drink can represent a country which each brewery present different character of style and flavours in the beer.

So how come the revolution of craft beer are moving so slowly if it’s that great?

While commercial beer basically monopolise the market, craft beer take up about a single digit figure on the market share. While the brand are certainly not popular, the prices and the type of beer just got customer confuse.

This is where the revolution of craft beer is hard to kick in especially country like Malaysia where many have just tasted the commercial local and imported beer and hardly willing to try anything that are less famous. If only the mentality of beer drinking is like how they drink wine, then craft beer market will be booming.

Education of beer is another part that major brands try not to do so. They will advertise using the premium or exclusive making the consumer think what they drink are the best but in real is far from the fact. Some beer drinker even argue that stout is not a beer. While we still got long way to go before we can convert the market. Education is the key for more people to try different beer.

So will the consumer evolve?

Of course, my wish is yes. Looking at it, Malaysian and Singapore consumers will evolve faster if there are some famous people drinking craft beers. Just like in United States, the craft beer scene have increase double figure each year, after the White House did some home-brew. Not expecting any local MP doing so, maybe some Borneo minister will promote Tuak!

Beer will always evolve, for the beer head like me is like chasing after the wind. So many brands, so many type and so many have yet to try. For that said, I’ll still try my best to discover more beers and try to introduce it to our market. Hope for those who reading, you guys will do so too, let’s hunt for better beer! Cheers!

New Craftbeer Spot in Singapore, Beer is Food

April 9, 2021 – 11:08 pm Comments Off


Tuck away at the semi-basement floor of Golden Mile Food Centre, Beer is Food is the latest craftbeer spot to join the scene in Singapore. The beers ranges from UK’s Brewdog and Tiny Rebel, Japan’s Baird Beer and Hitachino Nest and Weihenstephan of Germany on the tap.

I managed to catch a quick chat with the co-owner, Han Lin. He explained that this is a temporary setup while they are looking for a better location to run the joint in a bar concept. This is their opportunity to build their clientele.

As one would expect, a craftbeer shop in the hawker centre means abundance of food selection from the multi-cultural flavour of Singapore. However, as the shop is situated at the semi-basement floor, it is hidden away from the natural breeze and can be stuffy at times. Not to mention the toilet that is a distance away.

Beer is Food
Golden Mile Food Centre
505 Beach Road
#B1-55, Singapore 199583

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