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We Need More Concept Bar

October 18, 2020 – 10:45 am 4 Comments

Lately, the drinking scene is quite boring. Nothing really new plus all the new bars are the same. At least last year we still have The Hill, House, Ecoba, Bruxale and Bakita. The year before we have TDH, Overtime and Craft Brew. But this year we still haven’t have anything creative on the pub scene.

Everyone is trying to follow each other concept and just bandwagon on it. This is really sad as not many will take risk to do up a new creative concept. With the franchising outlet like Overtime mushroom all over town the pub scene is really stuck.

I don’t go against franchising but have to be slightly a bit unique in certain matter. With the price war going on is already spoiling the market. Now everyone is looking for bargain regardless of the beer they drink. From jug we have now move on to tower, is a sad scene to be. So many years yet we are now going backwards. Not many pub are educating the public about beer or alcohol, most establishment are just ripping it off from each other trying to sell as much volume as possible.

Gimmick and publicity is more of the pub concept rather then offering the best of each world, which mean the food and drinks have to be tip top. Most pub don’t serve good food, which is quite disappointed. One more thing is, most pub serve the same food which is even more disappointed.

We wish to see more concept bar in town, to push forward the pub scene in Malaysia. The new pub nowadays is either music bar, club bar or sport bar, quite boring if you ask me. Most bars are just fill up with noise. Please to future bar owner, please be more creative and start brain storming for more great ideas. Thanks!

Facebook Survey – What you think if all pubs are smoke free?

June 9, 2021 – 9:57 am Comments Off

This is quite good for non-smokers. I though many will just disagreeing on having a smoke free pub. If you still haven’t vote, please click here to vote!

Looks like smoke free pub is coming soon…. woot! woot!

From Deli To Pub, Relaunch Of J&R Sri Hartamas

May 25, 2021 – 8:38 am Comments Off

Last Thursday, Jarrod & Rawlins officially relaunch their Desa Sri Hartamas outlet from Deli to Pub. Is long time since I actually came to Sri Hartamas, as lately the place is not as happening as it used to be. Many korean restaurant have conquer the area that used to be clubs and pubs.

J&R has revamp their deli to pub which I think is a fabulous idea since I know nothing much about buying my own cut of meat, I do like to drink and dine – so this place is really perfect.

Although revamp into a pub, the place is still much more of a dinning place. With more clean cut look rather then rustic design make the place a bit more standout. It have a very friendly interior to it. Nothing too fancy, is simple let, have some ecstatic to it.

The marble top for the bar is top notch. Is very sleek and classy as well. Not that wooden bar top is not nice, there is certain elegant in having a marble bar top. It blend well with the green colour wall, that the bar stand out a bit more.

One more think I love about this place is the non-smoking for the inside area, making it very friendly for those that are bringing in little kids to dine there. Of course I’m not a smoker and very gladly to have a non-smoking pub. I still wish one day all bar are smoke-free but that day still a long way to come.

Smokers can always choose to chill out side with their beer or wine while puffing it off with a perfect pairing.

The open kitchen concept is always quite unique. Although the kitchen is open, but I don’t smell like those chinese restaurant with taint oily smoke smell stick to your clothes after eating. They have a good kitchen suction system that make sure the cooking smell stay out.

As this is a GAB outlet, Tiger and Guinness on tap can be seen on the bar. They also have Strongbow Cider on the bottles.

But overall they have a good selection of mixer for those who love cocktails. Or for those that need their whisky and bourbon they have that too. But this pub won’t be your regular style pub that you want to get really crazy with your drink, is more towards a social pub – a together place.

With good food, normally you’ll have wine to paired with. They have a small selection of with wine to choose from as well.

Of course we all know that J&R is famous for their food, especially those non-halal stuff. The J&R’s Hangover Special catches my eyes. For those that have a great party the night before and need something powerful enough for Sunday brunch to get sober… haha

I was having it that night even before the hangover starts… haha. A piece of toast, top with 2 poach egg, few bacons strip and glaze with maple syrups. A combination of sweet, salty, creamy, oily and tasty. I will love to have this everyday for my breakfast. Since hangover is something I did quite often.

It was a great night, with great turn out from friends of J&R for their relaunch. Everyone having a great time meeting up old friends, catching up some updates and just chill and stay cosy on the new revamp J&R @ Desa Sri Hartamas.

Congratulations to Dennis for the new revamp! Cheers!

No. 36 (Grd Flr), Jalan 27/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2300 0708

Jarrod & Rawlins Is Back @ Desa Sri Hartamas

May 6, 2021 – 11:41 am 1 Comment

J&R Deli have now change to J&R – The Pub. J&R have redo the place up and make it a more friendly diners experience. After closing almost 2 weeks for renovation, is now ready to welcome back it’s customer with their new styling. Of course yesterday is a test run for the place, beside some minors details most of the renovation has been completed. It will be fully complete by next week.

The new bar is very nice with white marble top. The reflection from the lights is nice. I find it very sleek and clean. Nicely done. The rest is up to the decorations of the place to bring up more depths and mood to it.

One thing good, maybe they used the non odor/smell paint. Normally if you go to a new place you can smell the paint and the wood work and tainted smell, this new place don’t have that at all. Which is good as the smell will sure kill off the dinning experience.

Actually, it all comes to the food. J&R is famous for their food, with this new pub style – it will be a gastropub of its own delicious serving meal. Look at the medium cooked steak above, taste wonderful. After closing for 2 weeks for renovation, J&R is now back! Congratulations to the new look! Cheers!

No. 36 (Grd Flr), Jalan 27/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

Choose Beers Or Places?

June 1, 2021 – 10:21 am 3 Comments

The beer trend are getting better, but how many actually know how to drink beer beside swallowing it. Ok don’t get me wrong when I said “know how to drink beer”, maybe I should rephrase to how many actually enjoy beer?

Many will choose the place then order whatever is serve on their menu, as not all places have good bartender that make a kick-ass cocktail. To be safe ordering a beer is the safest choices as it hardly goes wrong.

Some people choose Beer rather then Place
Like if I mention Guinness, they will think of Sid’s Pub or if I said Kilkenny they will thing of Royal Oakes for example. If I said Paulaner then some people will think what beer is that… haha

Some pub are famous for beer that they built their brand from. Certain brand become their top seller, just like Brussels and their Hoegaarden. Bayernhaus and their Paulaner. People want to enjoy a good fine pour of beer. The beer becomes the identity of the pub.

Some people choose Place rather then Beer
Many place in town are famous, like Tom, Dick & Harry, Library, Craft Brew… people don’t really go there to drink specific beer, but for the crowd and environment. They will go there and look first to see the mood and then order from the menu.

That is when the waiter or the bartender play a big role to introduce beer to the customer. If they introduce correctly then is good to the customer if not, vice versa will happen.

The mistaken Identity
Many people that loves Guinness Draught often got confuse with the bottle Guinness Foreign Extra. They always said the bottle taste so different because is the different thing. Guinness draught is lighter and less bitter, but foreign extra is extra strong in taste with higher %ABV as well. That why Guinness Draught is not Guinness Foreign Extra.

The best are Beers and Places combine
I believe each pub have to create an identity of what beer they serve best. Many just bandwagon doing what others are doing. Each pub have to stand out from its own not because they have the best beer but what is the beer that make them popular. Here are some example.

Sid’s Pub = Guinness
Brussels = Hoegaarden
Bayernhaus = Paulaner
Overtime = Starker

Of course many outlet still not sure what to push for to create the synergy between their place and their drinks. I would love to see F&B outlet throw in more creativity to make their place more unique on their own and create their own market share. So either you choose for Beer or Place it doesn’t make that big different as long as you know what you looking for, as for those who don’t maybe you can learn something from it. Cheers!

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