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Mountain Goat Fancy Pants

June 20, 2021 – 4:03 pm Comments Off

Have a very nice floral hoppy aroma with nice light milky cream

Light bitter entry of hops with some tea light body texture. Left a nice bouquet at the end. Got a bit of creamy like texture. Dot of bitter and little hint of sour salty. Lightly carbonated.

Ales & Lagers

Can be easily paired with food and easily drinking beer to start with!

What’s Your First Beer In 2013?

January 2, 2021 – 2:53 pm 2 Comments

What is your first beer in 2013? I bet you guys should have a blast on New Year’s eve. It’s been a great new year so far. except today (2 Jan 2021) feel like monday. My first beer for this year is Mountain Goat Cross Breed. Hope I can keep trying new beers in this whole year and enjoy a great drinking year ahead. Cheers!

Mountain Goat – Rare Breed IPA

September 24, 2020 – 8:51 am Comments Off

When the beer poured out?
Have vanilla like fresh bake bread, fruity sweetness and light malt aroma

How’s the taste?
The entry is dry yet full of flavour. Is a blend of few taste balance up together. The flavour consist of sweet with light salty and a nice hoppy bitter to it. At 6.2% the beer have a after taste of baked cookie end with hint of vanilla and bitterness.

What’s the colour of the beer?
Brown Orange

Where to drink?
Drank it at Taps Beer Bar @ Jalan Nagasari, KL.

My Opinion:
For me, this Rare Breed IPA doesn’t taste like an IPA but I do like it as the balance of aroma and taste is quite interesting. I like beer with fresh bake bread or cookie aroma which is quite refreshing and pleasant in taste. Have a try if you see one and see what you think of it.

Beer Tasting: IPA Section!

June 5, 2021 – 9:32 am Comments Off

I always go down to Taps (as you all already know that) to tried beers. Love the tasting peddler that I can try different beer before I decide which one I should stick with. So this time round I just go there and have the IPA’s on taps. Honestly, most time I have IPA is on bottles but on draught is not something easy to find. Especially in Malaysia.

For started, if you don’t know what is IPA. It stand for India Pale Ale, because of the style of the beer was made during the traveling period of Britain to India during the colonial age which do not have refrigeration. With that, beer was add in extra hops to make the beer last longer. Of course today there’s thousand of IPA style, each country would have different character plus each brewmaster will brew according to their liking. I have grow to like this beer a lot throughout the years trying the beer.

So was in the mood on Saturday to tried IPA. So when to Taps and order the Tasting Peddler that come in 3 taster glass.

#1 Stella Single Hop IPA – Bridge Road
Very aromatic with lots of Citrusy aroma with light sweetness. The beer is citrusy and bitter in taste. At 4.8% abv, is a nice beer to start.

#2 Rare Breed IPA – Mountain Goat
This one is quite different IPA that I used to drink. Remind me a lot of the King Goblin that I drank. Have the nice baked cookie vanilla and fruit like sweetness. The entry is dry yet plenty of flavour and the lingering of the fresh baked cookie with fruit cake hint. At 6.2% abv the beer have more after taste.

#3 Bling – Bridge Road
This one in colour also don’t look like IPA. Normally IPA have that yellowish orange colour but this is slight more on reddish. Have hint of roasted malt and light chocolate which is not familiar in the IPA style that I used to drink. The entry is quite nice, with hops bitter and citrus taste and toasted flavour which is a surprise. At 5.8% abv, this is another surprise IPA in taste I tried.

After that I Have one full glass of Rare Breed IPA, because I still tried to figure out why they called this an IPA. Maybe because of the name Rare Breed IPA, is one of the new creation. If the beer have more hops bitter or more citrusy then with all this fruity cookie aroma, then I can accept more as an IPA that I familiar but I just can’t manage to look over it. But it’s still a nice beer to drink, for me is more of a chocolate malt style beer.

After that I went for Mikkeller, The American Dream. Which in my own term called it the IPL which is India Pale Lager, rather then Ale. This is the IPA taste that I’m seeking, but as this beer is only 4.6% it have not much after taste. It’s always a pleasure to have The American Dreams. I was deciding to have either this or the Mikkeller I Beat yoU. But decided to go for this for not to spoiled my palate.

Pizza was order by the owner to share which have greatly improve since I have tried few months back. The onion actually goes quite well with the IPA, it enhance both my drinking and eating experience. Cheesy and light salty compliment my palate and crunchy thin crust never failed to delight my gastronomic experience.


Mountain Goat Steam Ale

December 19, 2020 – 11:22 am Comments Off

When the beer is served?
Very light malty sweetness with light flora.

How’s the taste?
Light bitter entry with nice floral sweetness end, have a bit of light citrusy too. The beer is nicely carbonated with light bubbles everywhere, making the beer very crispy. At 4.5% ABV the beer is very refreshing and easy to drink.

What’s the colour?

Where to drink?
Drank it in Taps Beer Bar @ Jalan Nagasari

My Opinion:
This is a easy drinking beer. Name as ale, but have plenty of lager character. I like the easy drinking with refreshing taste.


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