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Kirin Ichiban Presents Malaysia’s First Glamping Night 2014

September 4, 2020 – 3:26 pm Comments Off


Kirin Ichiban, Japan’s No.1 100% malt beer proudly presents Malaysia’s first Glamping Night 2014.

For one night only, Kirin Ichiban will inspire those who appreciate the best in entertainment, food and beer at its purest, by igniting some of the finest moments in this first-of-its-kind event. ‘Glampers’ will get an opportunity to experience activities that reflect the best of camping and Japan; from traditional Japanese games, to arts and crafts, to delectable Japanese bites, as well as Japan-inspired performances throughout the night.

“As Kirin Ichiban is a beer brewed for good times, we want to engage consumers by bringing the best of Japan’s experiences to them”, explained James Kim, Brand Manager of Kirin Ichiban Malaysia. “Glamping is a hybrid of the conventional camping experience with a Japanese twist”.

Upon completion of all the activities during the event, Glampers will also stand a chance to win the ‘prize of a lifetime’, which will be revealed on the night itself.

The campaign is running from now till 21st September 2014. To stand a chance to attend Glamping Night 2014, purchase Kirin Ichiban at any participating outlets in Klang Valley, receive a Glamping scratch card and register online. For more information, visit

Beer Is Always Evolving!

May 16, 2021 – 4:15 pm Comments Off

Just a short period of 6 years I embark into craft beers, I have seen the craft beer revolution and the beer evolution. The choices and varieties are way beyond our imagination as the beers are evolving.

Ok this apply to both commercial and craft beer, some may not agree but is a fact. Commercial beer are evolving to sell the beer to the messes. While the craft beer have build a group of followers that are always seeking for new style of beer.

Sadly, commercial beer could have more but they choose to stay with the advice from the people that don’t drink beer. But that’s not the point, commercial beer like Tiger also have came out with Tiger Radler which is beer with lemon flavour at 2%abv. The beer mostly target younger non drinking market to build more market share. Which is good, hopefully, this people will end up drinker beer and fall in love with craft beers :)

As for the craft beer, the trend keep changing. From a period of barrel aged beer to a period of sour ale and lambic. The latest craze is session beer with full body yet maintain the moderate 5%ABV. I did manage to try a couple of my favourite session beer. Good stuff!

Why can beer evolve with ease?

Beer evolve easily as it’s brew, which it’s cooked before it’s start fermenting. Flavour still can be added after fermentation, this give beer the flexibility like no other alcohol. With it’s cooking and mixing method, the style of beer will be unlimited to explore. Just like early days beer doesn’t include hops. Earliest record of hops in beer was in 11th century.

So far spice ingredient from Asia are not fully feature in craft beer yet, there are still plenty of potential to bring the beer to different creativity and taste. IPA is kinda of the symbols for Craft Beers geek. Even IPA have change drastically depending of which country it’s from. I still haven’t tasted the German IPA which I highly anticipate, hope to get them soon.

Many of the older beer culture country still not fully export out their craft beer which I believe will bring on another dimension of flavour to craft beer world. Commercial beer are getting a bit boring but they also evolve throughout the years. Creating less calories, more selection of flavour and rebranding their labels.

Beer is a common drinks that is not wine, is not sake, is not cider but is a drink can represent a country which each brewery present different character of style and flavours in the beer.

So how come the revolution of craft beer are moving so slowly if it’s that great?

While commercial beer basically monopolise the market, craft beer take up about a single digit figure on the market share. While the brand are certainly not popular, the prices and the type of beer just got customer confuse.

This is where the revolution of craft beer is hard to kick in especially country like Malaysia where many have just tasted the commercial local and imported beer and hardly willing to try anything that are less famous. If only the mentality of beer drinking is like how they drink wine, then craft beer market will be booming.

Education of beer is another part that major brands try not to do so. They will advertise using the premium or exclusive making the consumer think what they drink are the best but in real is far from the fact. Some beer drinker even argue that stout is not a beer. While we still got long way to go before we can convert the market. Education is the key for more people to try different beer.

So will the consumer evolve?

Of course, my wish is yes. Looking at it, Malaysian and Singapore consumers will evolve faster if there are some famous people drinking craft beers. Just like in United States, the craft beer scene have increase double figure each year, after the White House did some home-brew. Not expecting any local MP doing so, maybe some Borneo minister will promote Tuak!

Beer will always evolve, for the beer head like me is like chasing after the wind. So many brands, so many type and so many have yet to try. For that said, I’ll still try my best to discover more beers and try to introduce it to our market. Hope for those who reading, you guys will do so too, let’s hunt for better beer! Cheers!

Kirin Ichiban Rises As It Joins The GAB Family

April 14, 2021 – 1:57 pm Comments Off

More than 400 guests witnessed the rise of Kirin Ichiban at a Japanese-themed cultural festival at Zebra Square Kuala Lumpur on 9th April 2014.

The festival venue was recreated to look like a Japan food street and it was the perfect backdrop for the guests to enjoy and appreciate the unique flavours of Kirin Ichiban, Japan’s no. 1 100% Malt beer.

Kirin Ichiban, a super-premium beer developed by Kirin Brewery, uses 100% Malt and an innovative “First Press” brewing method to achieve its unique taste profile. The First Press method means only the finest ingredients – including the purest malt, and extracts from the first strain only are used in the brewing process. What results is a premium beer that is crisp, rich in flavour yet leaves little after taste due to its purity.

At the launch guests, including guest of honour His Excellency Makio Miyagawa, Japan’s Ambassador to Malaysia, were treated to the Kirin Ichiban Experience. The guests were ushered through various experiential points for a taste of Kirin Ichiban’s unique values. They were transported to Kirin Ichiban’s universe by way of Japanese culture, food and hospitality.

During the celebration, Bruce Dallas, GAB’s Marketing Director, shared that the company is pleased to be able to add Kirin Ichiban into the brewer’s portfolio as it further enhances the company’s offering to Malaysian consumers. He pointed out that Kirin Ichiban has great potential in this market because consumers here are becoming increasingly discerning.

“After extensive market research, we found that there is much potential for growth in the super-premium beer category. We believe Kirin Ichiban with its unique flavour has the potential to fill that gap,” said Bruce.

Kirin Ichiban is already available in more than 40 countries and the brand has enjoyed healthy growth in those markets.

Bruce adds, “Kirin Ichiban is an excellent companion for any type of cuisine, even the most delicate of flavours and that is because the beer whilst being crisp and full flavoured, leaves very little aftertaste due to the beer’s purity.”

Apart from Bruce, His Excellency, Makio Miyagawa, Japan’s Ambassador to Malaysia, also said a few words on the super-premium beer at the event: “”Kirin Ichiban is the No. 1 100% malt beer in Japan, and Kirin Brewery, with over 100 years of history, has always been doing well in Japan. I am delighted that a great product like Kirin Ichiban has been added to the portfolio of GAB, the leading brewer in Malaysia. This will provide further opportunity for Japanese culture to be showcased in Malaysia, particularly by generating further appreciation for Japanese food and drinks amongst Malaysians.”

Kirin Ichiban is GAB’s first Japanese product in its portfolio and it is the company’s first new brand in five years. With its addition, GAB plans to increase the distribution network of the 100% Malt, First Press beer giving greater accessibility to the product. The company will also be bringing world class innovative engagements for consumers to experience and enjoy Kirin Ichiban.


Rumour: Excise Duty For Beer Increase Next Year

August 27, 2021 – 10:13 am Comments Off

malaysia and beer

Malaysia Budget is just not far from now on 25th October, already I’m hearing rumour that the excise duty for beer will increase. So far no numbers are given, as any percentage of increase is not good for our pocket.

Currently, our excise duty for beer is RM7.40 + 15% Ad Valorem. Without any price added, you already payed around RM2.80 per can (330ml). So with more increase on the beer excise, our beer price is not justify at all. Worse scenario, smuggled beer is at the highest since years as now I can easily get a can of smuggle beer anywhere from local eatery to chain sundry shop.

With our currency is in bad shape now, importing beer are now in good shape now. Price is at all time high. Doubt Najib will read my post, but increase excise duty is not a good way to do so. Plus many predict that there will be a bad recession ahead at 2014. Even opening a bar now worried me a lot.

Of course my wish for every year is to reduce the excise duty, but maintaining at this high tax level is good for now. Better import my beer before the price increase.

Malaysian Import Beer Tax Are Crazy

January 30, 2021 – 2:02 pm Comments Off

malaysia and beer

As I have now opened my owned beer shop, I started to import beers for my shop. First time doing my tax calculation really spooked me off.

Duties Calculation – PER LITER
1) Import Duty = Qty in liter  x Import Duty Rates
2) Excise Duty 1 = Qty in liter x Excise Duty Rates
3) Excise Duty 2 = (Import Duty +Excise Duty+ Total Value of goods) x Excise 2 Rates
4) Sales Tax =  (Import Duty + Excise  Duty 1 + Excise Duty 2 + Total Value of Goods ) x Sales Tax Rates

You have to go through 3 duty and 1 tax to clear from custom.

Wines     Brandy/Whisky       Rum/Vodka/Gin        Beer
Duty                7              58                                 55                                   5
Excise 1         12             30                                30                                    7.4
Excise 2         15%         15%                             15%                                 15%
Sales tax        5%           5%                               5%                                   5%

Trust me when the first 2 duties add together is already quite crazy.

Just simple calculation a box of RM0 (24 bottles x 330ml) beer will cost RM118.60 just on the tax without declaring a single cent on the goods. That already RM4.95 before the beer add on price and logistic. When you add on the goods price and the extra tax on Excise 2 and Sales Tax is just become havoc.

For beer drinkers in Malaysia, is fair for us to asked what the country did for us since we contribute so much extra money to them. We have to forgive the proper imported beers for the expensive price because of the expensive tax and bad exchange rate.

I hope the next budget can do something about this. I really think is not fair for the consumer to absorb all this taxes while the government is doing nothing to stop the illegal smuggled beer into the country. I can’t blame the smuggler as this is a lucrative business. Beer selling at RM5 a can get around 100% margin as the real cost is around RM2 per can without paying tax.

Will I see the day that beer excise duty will be reduce… that we have to sound our concern  out loud! For the glory of beers in Malaysia to be reasonably price.

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