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GAB Unveils A Legacy Of Craft At Affligem’s Official Launch

November 12, 2020 – 10:10 am Comments Off


Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) introduces a legacy, a legacy of craft known as Affligem. A distinctive luxury specialty beer with a rich history, that will meet the demands of more discerning consumers.


Amidst a sophisticated atmosphere that drew inspiration from the time Affligem was discovered, guests were introduced to the super-premium beer’s rich and exquisite taste, and were given a fine and intimate Affligem experience.


“It gives us great pleasure to launch a Belgian craft brew with a rich history dating back to 1074. Affligem is alive with heritage, purity and craftsmanship”, explained Hans Essaadi, Managing Director of GAB. “This being the first super-premium brand in our portfolio, Affligem appeals to sophisticated drinkers who appreciate fine, quality and intimate occasions.”


The beer was first brewed in Belgium by six knights who, in 1074, gave up the pursuit of war and committed themselves to purity, to the art of brewing beer. They were rewarded with a precious discovery; a taste so pure, unique and full character that they dedicated the rest of their lives to it.


The original recipe for Affligem, has been passed down through generations since 1074, unchanged, and an unwavering commitment to excellence continues throughout the brewery’s day-to-day execution. This includes the process of “Double Fermentation” – adding a special yeast to the freshly-brewed bottles, giving Affligem its distinctive, mature and complex taste.


Over the years, Affligem has won gold at a series of industry awards, including the prestigious ‘European Beer Star Awards’, where some of the most renowned and beer-savvy experts congregate to judge authentic specialty beers. Further accolades were also achieved at the ‘World Beer Cup’, celebrating the superior taste and quality of Affligem.


Affligem is made for private, cosy and relaxed occasions, ranging from one-on-one fine dining to a small gathering of good friends. Affligem is available in premium dining establishments, intimate bars, premium grocers and convenience stores nationwide from October 2014.


The formal affair introduced the Affligem Masters, who demonstrated various methods of enjoying the Affligem experience through the signature pouring rituals. The Experience Pour is the complete pouring ritual, with a set of unique equipment that allows drinkers to savour the intense fruit, citrus and spice flavours. The Classic Pour is a simplified ritual that allows drinkers to enjoy the fruity hoppiness of Affligem.


With the addition of Affligem, GAB plans to appeal to the super-premium beer segment in Malaysia by presenting a quality Belgian craft brew, every bottle double fermented, with a recipe still pertinent to today’s tastes and lifestyle, since 1074.

The Official Launching of Smith Street Taps

February 10, 2021 – 9:12 am Comments Off

Smith Street Taps

Last Wednesday, Smith Street Taps officially opened its door in Singapore (unofficially it had a soft launch about a month prior to that and had been serving customer since). Smith Street Taps is the idea culminated by Meng Chao of “Brewers’ Craft” and Daniel of “The Good Beer Company” bringing to the Singapore craft beer drinking community with the first outlet that sells craft beer solely from the taps. Located at the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s famous Chinatown, it is the most unconventional location as it is opened in the hawker centre of Chinatown Complex.


The idea
One of the most important reason to open such an outlet at a hawker centre according to the co-owner, Daniel was plain and simple, the food. Beer drinkers love their beers, but as important the food that goes with it too. What better place than one of the largest hawker centre in Singapore with freedom to order any type of food from the vast amount of selections available to pair with the quality draught beers. Smith Street Taps opened from a 3m x 3m space is operating on average 6 varieties of beers with maximum capacity of 8 taps. However, maintaining the operations of these taps day in day out within such a small space presents a whole new set of challenges of its own that both the owners take pride in.


Set up in the busy Chinatown Complex hawker centre


The million dollar question…. The Beer Menu?

According to Daniel, Sapporo will be the permanently fixture in the shop. The rest of the taps’ selection will be based on the seasonal availability of quality craft beer that they can get. Since the soft launch about a month ago, a wide variety of craft beer had been made available. These includes Pale Ales, IPAs, Porters, Stouts, Belgium tripel and German Weissbiers. The variety will continue to grow and when you decide to take a surprise visit to the stall, you might be on the receiving end of the surprise. If you are not the adventurous type, check on Smith Street Taps’ Facebook page for the latest list of beers on the taps.



Meng Chao, the co-owner

Smith Street Taps
Blk 335 Smith Street
Chinatown Complex #02-062
Singapore 050335
Tel: 9430 2750




Soaring High With Grimbergen

March 7, 2021 – 2:28 pm Comments Off

The Grimbergen beer born in the middle age was brewed under an agreement with the Fathers of Grimbergen Abbey in Belgium and is now available to discerning drinkers through Luen Heng F&B Sdn Bhd (LHFB), a subsidiary of Carlsberg Malaysia.

Top fermented ale beer, Grimbergen offers a large range of beers with its blond, brown, and white recipes from 6 to 6.7% alcohol content. The range includes the Grimbergen Blonde and Grimbergen Double in bottle as well as Grimbergen Blanche (White) in draught and bottle. They are available at selected high-end trendy bars and entertainment outlets in the Peninsular Malaysia.

Grimbergen is a success in Belgium and France with double digit growth over the last decade. The introduction of Grimbergen beer in Malaysia complements the premium portfolio of imported beers by LHFB.

“We add Grimbergen to our international portfolio of premium brands as we are confident that premium beer segment will be a key growth driver to our Group’s business. We hope to cater the needs of young trendy consumers who prefer a beer brand with authentic character yet reflects self value motivation story,” said Soren Ravn, Managing Director Carlsberg Malaysia and Chairman LHFB during his opening remarks.

“With its inspiring history and extraordinary taste, we believe that new drinkers will embrace Grimbergen,” Ravn added.

The golden phoenix is portrayed as the brand icon which symbolizes positive trademarks and universal values of Grimbergen. It represents strength, affirmative and confidence, characteristics valued by the consumers.

As a contemporary abbey beer, Grimbergen is built on a strong need of state and the outcome of passion and authenticity, with roots that go back to medieval abbey life. The traditional value instilled from the legend of Grimbergen abbey is now unfolds and translated into a contemporary context.

The media launch held at the residence of His Excellency Marc Mullie, Belgium Ambassador to Malaysia was graced by distinguishes guests, ambassadors, celebrities and members of the media. Everyone enjoyed sampling the beer while enjoying the performance.

Alcon Is Now Launch

August 4, 2021 – 10:33 am Comments Off

What a day to remember, ALCON (Alcohol Consumer-Rights Group) was launch at 23 July 2021 at Souled Out @ Sri Hartamas, KL. After started since last year a month before the budget announcement, the group have grow and today got more then 5,000 strong Alconian out there supporting it ALCON in Facebook.

Of course the fearless leader Deep aka Thirstyblogger, give a short speech on a joyful day to the crowds that come for the launch of ALCON. Free flow of Guinness and Tiger is provided with company of good food and great entertainment.

After all the introduction about ALCON is time to have fun. First up is Douglas Lim with all his jokes. He crack up the crowd to the max, since everyone already have couple of drinks… laughing out loud is not an option… haha

After that we have The Rollin Sixers on stage performing many great blue rock tune that really make the launch a successful event. For me the important of this launch is consumer knows there is a group of people concern about Alcohol Consumer and their rights.

Below are the Manifesto of ALCON.

ALCON Manifesto

For too long, responsible consumers of alcohol beverages in Malaysia have been subject to one of the highest prices on the planet for drinks, whether on-trade or off-trade.

Although we contribute billions to the economy every year (On beer – $5.6 billion spent; $1 billion taxed in 2010 alone. Excluding liquor, wine, etc), there is not a single association or body that protects the fundamental rights of these consumers and drinkers. This group plans to change that.

We will speak out whenever it’s needed, by communicating with the media, and the all the stakeholders in the alcohol industry in Malaysia.

Currently, the high prices consumers face causes them to burn holes in their pockets, even for casual and irregular drinkers.

Taxes should be reduced, or at the worst, maintained until Malaysia becomes a high-income nation in 2020. Recent talk about increasing the tax even further is not justifiable.

ALCON Justifications:

1. We already pay huge duties and taxes on every glass that we drink. It’s unjustified and very expensive at the moment compared to any other country in the region.

We already have the second highest duty on alcohol in the world, after Norway. But Norway has higher income of 8-9 times compared with Malaysia. Which means Malaysians probably pay the most for alcohol in the world.

2. The per-capita income for Malaysians is still so low and yet we still need to pay for premium prices for normal drinks. Eg: Local beer at a bar costs between $10 – $20, and imported beer $15 – $30.

In most countries, beer and soft drinks are about the same price-wise. Even tourists complain of the prices here.

3. High prices cause Malaysians to drink cheap and dangerous backyard brews and compounded hard liquors (CHL) like samsu, because they have been priced-out of the market for normal, safe alcohol.

Many local producers don’t have any safety standards or quality checks. These cause various liver-related illnesses.

4. High prices also lead people to substitute alcohol for drugs. Drugs like ecstasy, aramin and such are widely available. Because of expensive alcohol, these drugs provide intoxication at very much better value-for-money.

5. Smuggling and related illegal activities are very high in Malaysia due to the high taxes. Legitimate importers lose out. Also smuggled products are often fake or expired.

6. Outlets must price their drinks more reasonably. Putting a mark-up of 200-300% just because they want a lot of money to open another outlet is unacceptable. All around the world, bars don’t do that. This only happens here. A mark-up of 50-100% should be the maximum. Outlets need to go into the drinks industry as a long-term business, and not look at short-term gain. It’s hurting consumers more.

7. The government should consider giving out legal brewing licenses to serious investors so that they can monitor the industry, rather then just stopping brewing licenses to limit the capacity.

Eg: Many foreigners are tempted to invest in and open microbreweries in Malaysia but because of the restriction of license, many have turned to neighbouring countries like Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

We miss out legitimate and tourist-attracting businesses to our neighbours.

8. The government needs to do studies on the impact of the prices. By increasing the duty, many F&B outlets that survive on volume will be greatly effected as less people will drink. It could also affect the taxation derived.

Even worse, some outlets will be forced to shut down. That will further reduce the employment in the market.

9. The huge majority of Malaysians are responsible and social drinkers. According to the WHO, Malaysians consume very little overall, coming in at number 167 worldwide. However, any concern about the effects of becoming an alcoholic should be addressed via education, not more taxes. Eg: If motorcyclists are killed on the road, you don’t solve the problem by banning motorcycles.

THUS, we Malaysians call upon the government, importers, distributors and F&B outlets to attend to the unsustainable situation Malaysian consumers face, and make sincere and effective efforts to price alcohol beverages at a lot more reasonable levels, in accordance with the public’s per-capita income. Comparative studies need to be done by the authorities before any further action is taken on alcohol pricing.

The Launch Of Alcon This Saturday!

July 21, 2021 – 2:43 pm Comments Off

What you still don’t know what is ALCON? ALCON stand for Alcohol Consumer Rights Group Malaysia. It was created last year to fight for the people to ask the Government to stop increasing the excise duty for beer and alcohol.

After so long at last it will be launch this Saturday. The press conference and event will be at here. If you interested to attend please like the ALCON facebook group. So if you are an alcohol consumer, you should join ALCON to have them fight for your rights. Congratulation ALCON!

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