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KL Cocktail Week (25-29 July 2011)

July 20, 2021 – 2:17 pm No Comments

KL’s reputation as a melting pot of cultures has made it a treasure chest of vibrant, energetic and exotic flavours. This has inspired our bartenders to endlessly craft innovative cocktails with unique taste profiles. Cocktails are becoming an essential part of food and beverage culture in our country and we thought it did be a good idea to dedicate a week purely for the enjoyment of cocktails!

2011 will be host to the first ever KL Cocktail Week (KLCW) taking place from 25th till 29th July 2011. Get ready for a week dedicated to the enjoyment of cocktails and celebrating our local talents that has worked hard to drive cocktail culture in KL and Malaysia. Throughout KLCW, we’ve organised a host of cocktail parties, dinners, trade trainings and a Whisky Forum in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The list of activities happening throughout KLCW is as follow:

25th July 2011 (Monday)
Cocktail & Spirit Master Classes (Part 1)
1.00pm to 4.30pm @ Twentyone Kitchen & Bar, Changkat Bukit Bintang

26th July 2011 (Tuesday)
Cocktail & Spirit Master Classes (Part 2) & Whisky Forum
1.00pm – 5.00pm @ The View, G-Tower Hotel

The Unusual Gin Encounter
7.30pm – 10.30pm @ Skybar, Traders Hotel, KL
Embrace the strange! Allow Jamie Terrell from Hendrick’s gin to churn out a few peculiar tipples to inspire your thoughts with the most unusual flavours.

27th July 2011 (Wednesday)
Spirit of the Tropics
7.30pm – 10.30pm @ View, G-Tower Hotel
Feast on an array of tropical concoctions made with Angosturas rum, masterfully crafted by Junior, KL’s very own rum cocktailian.

28th July 2011 (Thursday)
Cocktails and Conversations
7.00pm – 10.00pm @ Twentyone Kitchen & Bar, Bukit Bintang
Twentyone’s infamous bar personality Joshua Ivanovic will be shaking & ‘cooking’ up Skyy Vodka and Campari cocktails. Enjoy a list of uniquely crafted cocktails in a tropical beachside setting.

Mexican Gold
7.30pm – 10.30pm @ Las Carretas Mexican Restaurant, Subang Jaya
An exclusive dinner dedicated to the enjoyment of good cocktails paired with great Mexican food. Savour cocktails made with 1800 tequila and also Reserva de la Familia prepared to perfection by guest bartender Timothy.
* This is limited to 23 seats for each evening. Pre-Booking is required
* MYR 95.00 ++ per person

29th July 2011 (Friday)
Mexican Gold
7.30pm – 10.30pm @ Las Carretas Mexican Restaurant, Damansara Heights
An exclusive dinner dedicated to the enjoyment of good cocktails paired with great Mexican food. Savour cocktails made with 1800 tequila and also Reserva de la Familia prepared to perfection by guest bartender Timothy.
* This is limited to 23 seats for each evening. Pre-Booking is required
* MYR 95.00 ++ per person

See you guys at KLCW!

For more information or RSVP please contact
[email protected]
[email protected]

Erdinger Introduction @ Weissbräu

May 7, 2021 – 10:36 am No Comments

We are invite to witness the introduction of Erdinger Weissbier at Weissbräu, Pavilion KL. It was 7:30pm but I can’t reach there in time as I was stuck in the jam and to find a parking in Pavilion during that time is not easy. By the time I reach there it was 8:15 already, the party atmosphere already pumping in as the DJ spin some loud music.

When I reach there the place is pack with crowd, lucky we got a table and able to enjoy the night sitting down. Although Erdinger is not new in the market, but this is more like a comeback for Erdinger that used to be in Malaysia market for a while.

We are enjoying some of blue cheese snack that was serve to pair with the beer. Weissbier always open up the appetite pallet. I always find weissbier is very good fried food, lucky they do serve some pork knuckle to crave with it. The highlight of the night is the beer drinking competition.

A team of 3 compete to finish up the 3 liter of Erdinger in the shortest time and the winner will win a bottle of Champagne. Quite a funny winning prize for a beer drinking competition. The crowd all clap, shout and cheers when the 3 team came contest for the fastest drinking team.

In the end the team with 2 ladies actually won the competition. This prove ladies can drink as well as guys or maybe better. Pub owner, please don’t just target beer to the guys, get some girls to drink beer… haha

I bet winning the glass will be more fun then winning the bottle of champagne. But the competition really get the crowd going, everybody suddenly become photographer, as everyone trying to snap the contestant with handphone, digital camera and DSLR. The front portion is pack with people.

The whole place is crowded even curious people will stand on the walk way to witness the drinking competition. It was all eye focus in Weissbräu for their hero “Erdinger”.

After the drinking competition the crowd was once again entertain by the dancer. With loud music and high mood, the crowd are all pump in. Some dance to the music to enjoy the night, while other just cheers and toast with their beer to celebrate a simple fun night.

Most of the people have the smelling face all written on the face, as it maybe the beer, it maybe the crowd or even is just the occasion that make everything feel good. It is a lovely night with joyful and happy crowd through out.

Is a good fun night with a good nice introduction of Erdinger beer. But I do wish they  serve more type of snack food to pair with the beer. For now we wish Weissbräu have a good run with Erdinger weissbier on tap and may more crowds like this pump up the place. Cheers!

White At Heart, Brew For Perfection

April 21, 2021 – 10:11 am No Comments

Every time you see a German Restaurant, for sure you know you can find beer inside. Plus most German food outlet are Non-Halal as they serve pork and for sure they will served their country favorite drink which is beer… haha. Weissbräu is situated in Pavilion, KL. Weiss in German means white and bräu means brew, but for sure this is not a brew pub as you won’t find any brew pub in Malaysia for now.

I like the simple surrounding of this place. As Pavilion have a big walk way on it’s connection side on level 3, many bar situated in that are including La Bodega, Michelangelo’s, Rainforest Sport Bar and many more. The nice walk way make sitting outside the outlet chill and relax.

Somehow the inside of this place is not as tempting. Maybe because not much happening can be seen compare to sitting outside. If you want to have a quite chat, inside would be a better choice. From my point of view, this place is created to be a drinking place more then a dining area. Is more for you to lay back with few pint of beers and enjoy the walk flow of the people.

But I was dead wrong… haha, the menu is fill with food that will tempt you from the first page. I like menu with picture, really look very tasty. Picture menu rock, as you will roughly know what you order.

We order a side dish that use cheese that wrap with wanton skin. Very nice with beer, especially the cheese that give a slight saltiness to your taste bud will counter with the sweet aroma and slight bitter from the beer. I wish it come in dozen and not a plate of 4. Is very yummy.

I miss out the bar area, as the bar area is not that tempting as it face inside the outlet. I would prefer bar that can let you see the whole place. Not much action on the bar area as mostly will choose to sit on the pathway. I’m a big fan of bar area but this place sure don’t bring up the appetite.

They do have a good range of beer to choose from. They have Erdinger, Hoegaarden, Konig Ludwig, Paulaner and many many more to choose from. Just like most German outlet beer range is always quite satisfying.

Of course we will drink some German beer since we are at German outlet. Always a big fan of Weizenbier. Overall this place do have some good offering of food and beer. Many things can still improve as this outlet is still a young outlet. Drinking on the pathway is nice and chill after window shopping. Can lay back and have a nice chill beer at hand. Some after a tired walk at Pavilion, can always chill here.Cheers!

Lot No. : 3.05.02 & C3.16.00
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

KL For Boom And PJ For Beer

April 6, 2021 – 10:16 am No Comments

Few year back, PJ is a sad town in terms of night spot. All the main attraction goes to KL, like Zouk, Beach Club, Heritage place and etc. KL is still the best night spot area, just the twist had happen.

Clubbing in scene in PJ is quite sad, if ask people to go clubbing in PJ I rather go Murni (in SS2) to yam cha only. But this 2 years I have seen the trend have change quite drastic. PJ become the water hole of beer. When it come to beer PJ is the place to go.

Example Brussels at Jaya One is the first place that make beer come to life. Spreading their Hoegaarden 5 pint glass in internet blogsphere like wild fire. Before you know almost every local blog celebrity would have taken with the 5 pint glass. A usual clubbing scene have change from boom boom to social. Many people from nearby area actually travel all the way to PJ and have a good pint of beer.

Of course further part, Library become another hit place that make PJ beer scene more popular than Changkat Bukit Bintang. Of course by saying this, KL do have a lot of good beer places, Changkat BB is one of them, the other is actually TTDI which I consider PJ rather then KL.

Even places like Craft Brews at Mutiara Damansara offers some unique beer that are exclusive to their market. This is a surprise in a market that are so competitive. Import beer to Malaysia is actually more complicated then importing wine, as the beer market grow, PJ have become the place the actually promote the beer drinking culture.

Yes, KL have it’s place, like Overtime offer Starker Beer, but the place felt more like a boom boom place. A new breed of beer drinker have emerge, many have change the drinking habit. The night spot of boom boom is no more monopolise the drinking scene, but a descend cafe looking is the place that people chill for beer.

A social lifestyle have moved from beer drinking in boom boom to cafe style. For this few years, I believe the trend will stay as KL will be the boom spot and PJ will be the beer drinking cafe.

Carlsberg Malaysia launches a Chinese New Year DVD

January 30, 2021 – 10:41 am 4 Comments

Shah Alam, January 23 – Carlsberg Malaysia added a special treat to its Chinese New Year (CNY) celebrations this year to express appreciation to its loyal consumers by presenting a music video in DVD format titled Carlsberg “Fook” (Prosperity) CNY Album or 添福添旺新姿态贺岁专辑.

Highly regarded for its long-term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment towards the Chinese community, Carlsberg Malaysia also involved artistes from its CSR project Top Ten Charity Campaign (Top Ten), in the DVD production. This is an extension of the Group’s commitment to provide an avenue for the talented Malaysian singers to gain better exposure and promote their talents in the entertainment industry.

Participating artistes in the album comprises Christopher Lay, Amy Wang, Stella Chung, Aric Ho, Lim TP and a girl group called “YaTou”. The CNY album of approximately 30 minutes duration covering 5 tracks, with a brand new Carlsberg CNY song as 1st track, followed by 3 tracks of seven entertaining popular CNY songs in medley. Complementing the music video of the new Carlsberg CNY song – 添福添旺新姿态, the world champion lion dance troupe – Malaysia Khuan Loke Dragon & Lion Dance Association, which has been sponsored by Carlsberg Malaysia for the past 10 years, performed a high pole lion dance performance.

At the album launch event held in the Sungai Wang Plaza, KL, Executive Director of Carlsberg Malaysia Dato’ Chin Voon Loong commented that …. “Chinese New Year is an auspicious and most celebrated festive season by the Chinese community in Malaysia.   We are happy to share the Carlsberg “Fook” DVD album with the Chinese community when they celebrate the New Year with their loved ones. The Carlsberg Malaysia Group also wishes all Malaysians abundance in prosperity for this New Year”

Carlsberg Malaysia has been funding the Top Ten Charity Campaign since 1987, which has raised approximately RM 339 million in funds over 22 years that benefitted more than 560 Chinese schools. With its long-term commitment and significant school-building funds raised, the Top Ten Charity Campaign achieved two awards in the Malaysia Book of Records i.e. the ‘Longest Running Chinese Charity Show’ and the ‘Highest Funds Raised through Chinese Charity Shows’.

“The success of the Top Ten Charity Campaign and the promising talent of the local artistes inspired us to extend the scope of our commitment and we hope that other organizations will also come forward to contribute to the community for the betterment of society.”  Dato Chin added. He also thanked the generous contributors, fund raisers, artistes and the media partners for their dedication in sharing the same CSR vision and support of the Top Ten Charity Campaign.

This Carlsberg “Fook” DVD album will be promoted  by the 9 artistes together with two Carlsberg “Fook” Prosperity Gods who will make special appearances at some of the selected hypermarkets on January, 23, 24, 30 & 31 and February 5, to spread good wishes to consumers and autograph signing on posters and albums. The timetable of the activation can be obtained from

The Carlsberg “Fook” DVD album is an exclusive promotional premium that will be given free to consumers for every purchase of 2 cartons and above (either with 24 or 28 cans) of Carlsberg, Carlsberg Gold and Danish Royal Stout at selected hypermarkets and supermarkets in Peninsula Malaysia. It is also available as promotional items at some refreshment outlets. The promotion will commence from January 23rd, while stocks last.

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