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Kirin Ichiban Brings Good Times To Glampers

October 9, 2020 – 9:27 pm 2 Comments


Kirin Ichiban organised Malaysia’s first Glamping Night 2014, bringing ‘Glampers’ a one-of-a-kind experience that combined the best of camping and Japan.


Throughout the evening, Japanese-inspired performances and activities were a feast to all senses. Glampers got the chance to decorate their own lantern upon arrival, which was later used for enhancing the overall atmosphere.


Tents were spread across the venue, where Glampers had to experience all Japanese-themed activities to complete their ‘checklist’. Activities included Kendama (traditional Japanese game), arts and crafts, which included DIY silkscreen art and a DIY box seat, and delectable Japanese bento boxes.


“Glamping Night by Kirin Ichiban aims to bring the best of Japan to Glampers”, said James Kim, Representative of Kirin Ichiban Malaysia during his opening speech. “This is camping with a Japanese twist, and we aim to bring new and even better experiences through Glamping Night every year”.


Upon completion of all activities, Glampers stood a chance to win the ‘prize of a lifetime’ by submitting their completed checklist. The ‘prize of a lifetime’, which was only revealed at the end of the night, is a 5-day-3-night trip to Japan which includes an exclusive tour of Kirin Brewery and an experience at the annual Chichibu festival. The lucky winner of the night was Clione Sia.


“We want to create moments of joy for our consumers, as Kirin Ichiban is brewed for good times; hence the concept of Glamping Night and the ‘prize of a lifetime’”, continued James.


The Glamping campaign started in late August and ended on 21st September 2014. Glampers included consumers who purchased in the on-trade segment and registered to attend Glamping Night 2014. Attendees also included Glamping digital contest winners.


As Kirin Ichiban aims to bring the best of Japan’s experiences to consumers, anyone can now stand a chance to win a trip to Japan, as well as an exclusive tour of the Kirin Brewery and annual Chichibu festival! From now till mid-November 2014, purchase any Kirin Ichiban from on-trade establishments and off-trade stores (supermarkets and convenience stores), receive a scratch card and stand a chance to win a prize of a lifetime!

Kirin Ichiban Presents Malaysia’s First Glamping Night 2014

September 4, 2020 – 3:26 pm Comments Off


Kirin Ichiban, Japan’s No.1 100% malt beer proudly presents Malaysia’s first Glamping Night 2014.

For one night only, Kirin Ichiban will inspire those who appreciate the best in entertainment, food and beer at its purest, by igniting some of the finest moments in this first-of-its-kind event. ‘Glampers’ will get an opportunity to experience activities that reflect the best of camping and Japan; from traditional Japanese games, to arts and crafts, to delectable Japanese bites, as well as Japan-inspired performances throughout the night.

“As Kirin Ichiban is a beer brewed for good times, we want to engage consumers by bringing the best of Japan’s experiences to them”, explained James Kim, Brand Manager of Kirin Ichiban Malaysia. “Glamping is a hybrid of the conventional camping experience with a Japanese twist”.

Upon completion of all the activities during the event, Glampers will also stand a chance to win the ‘prize of a lifetime’, which will be revealed on the night itself.

The campaign is running from now till 21st September 2014. To stand a chance to attend Glamping Night 2014, purchase Kirin Ichiban at any participating outlets in Klang Valley, receive a Glamping scratch card and register online. For more information, visit

Kirin Ichiban Rises As It Joins The GAB Family

April 14, 2021 – 1:57 pm Comments Off

More than 400 guests witnessed the rise of Kirin Ichiban at a Japanese-themed cultural festival at Zebra Square Kuala Lumpur on 9th April 2014.

The festival venue was recreated to look like a Japan food street and it was the perfect backdrop for the guests to enjoy and appreciate the unique flavours of Kirin Ichiban, Japan’s no. 1 100% Malt beer.

Kirin Ichiban, a super-premium beer developed by Kirin Brewery, uses 100% Malt and an innovative “First Press” brewing method to achieve its unique taste profile. The First Press method means only the finest ingredients – including the purest malt, and extracts from the first strain only are used in the brewing process. What results is a premium beer that is crisp, rich in flavour yet leaves little after taste due to its purity.

At the launch guests, including guest of honour His Excellency Makio Miyagawa, Japan’s Ambassador to Malaysia, were treated to the Kirin Ichiban Experience. The guests were ushered through various experiential points for a taste of Kirin Ichiban’s unique values. They were transported to Kirin Ichiban’s universe by way of Japanese culture, food and hospitality.

During the celebration, Bruce Dallas, GAB’s Marketing Director, shared that the company is pleased to be able to add Kirin Ichiban into the brewer’s portfolio as it further enhances the company’s offering to Malaysian consumers. He pointed out that Kirin Ichiban has great potential in this market because consumers here are becoming increasingly discerning.

“After extensive market research, we found that there is much potential for growth in the super-premium beer category. We believe Kirin Ichiban with its unique flavour has the potential to fill that gap,” said Bruce.

Kirin Ichiban is already available in more than 40 countries and the brand has enjoyed healthy growth in those markets.

Bruce adds, “Kirin Ichiban is an excellent companion for any type of cuisine, even the most delicate of flavours and that is because the beer whilst being crisp and full flavoured, leaves very little aftertaste due to the beer’s purity.”

Apart from Bruce, His Excellency, Makio Miyagawa, Japan’s Ambassador to Malaysia, also said a few words on the super-premium beer at the event: “”Kirin Ichiban is the No. 1 100% malt beer in Japan, and Kirin Brewery, with over 100 years of history, has always been doing well in Japan. I am delighted that a great product like Kirin Ichiban has been added to the portfolio of GAB, the leading brewer in Malaysia. This will provide further opportunity for Japanese culture to be showcased in Malaysia, particularly by generating further appreciation for Japanese food and drinks amongst Malaysians.”

Kirin Ichiban is GAB’s first Japanese product in its portfolio and it is the company’s first new brand in five years. With its addition, GAB plans to increase the distribution network of the 100% Malt, First Press beer giving greater accessibility to the product. The company will also be bringing world class innovative engagements for consumers to experience and enjoy Kirin Ichiban.


Kirin Is Officially In Malaysia!

July 8, 2021 – 3:50 pm Comments Off

Two weeks ago I was invited to attend the launch of Kirin beer in Malaysia. Which is distributed by TWE (Tong Woh Enterprise). Kirin is a familiar brands by locals here, as I still have a 2 litter metal growler I bought many years ago at Langkawi. Malaysia actually like Japanese brand beer like Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo and Suntory.

Before the event start, Masakazu Ashida give a simple brief on product and the different between Kirin beer and their competitors. Unlike other beers, only the first press of the wort is used in Kirin. That is Kirin beer signature.

Compare to most beer event, Kirin did something more unique, which is my favourite as well – Food Beer Pairing. TWE work together with Daikanyama to create dishes that will paired nicely with the beer and enhance the food experience.

Plate #1 Soi Sashimi & Century Egg Chawan Mushi
The tuna sashimi is awesome, subtle and nice texture. The subtle taste with simple garnish goes pretty well. Although I would love it more in sushi style. As for the century egg was lovely. Goes nicely with beer as it didn’t over power the taste. Of course, later we are served with sushi, so no rice in this dished are justified.

The food presentation looks so good that everyone pause a while before we stick our chopstick in… haha

Plate #2 Grago Agedashi
The Tofu is refreshing like the beer and the soy sauce bring up the sweetness of the tofu. The beer give the subtle malt character that don’t crash in flavour.

Plate #3 Salmon Truffle Oil Tataki & Sake Bomb Maki
The Maki is my favourite in this pairing. As the sushi rice and crunchy deep fried soft shelf crab really bring out both flavour and texture with the enhancement of the beer. I find Japanese beer goes quite nice with rice and rice noodle.

Plate #4 The Spanish Sushi Platter
This is far most interesting flavour and very fusion style which I like a lot. Grilled Capsicum and anchovy is something very appetising but can’t really paired that well with the beer. In fact the prawn goes the best in this 3 fusion sushi.

End with a dessert of ice cream. Not really paired well as it bring out nasty bitter flavour to the beer. But who can deny a dessert after such a nice food showcase. Overall, Daikanyama did a very good job on pairing the food with Kirin beer. They capture the subtle and refreshing flavour of Kirin to paired nicely with the food.

Each of us have a media gift of Kirin Chocolate. The chocolate cover most of the beer liquid in flavour. But is always nice to have chocolate that have alcohol in it. This media preview dinner of Kirin really set a good example that many bars can do is create food that goes well with the food. Good job to both TWE and Daikanyama that create such a nice dinner preview of the beer and food. Cheers!

Many Will Love This Foam!

April 17, 2021 – 9:51 am 1 Comment

Article taken from TIME

The geniuses at the Kirin brewery have developed the perfect solution to lukewarm, unappetizing beer by making their own frozen foam. The company created the frozen foam by cooling its Ichiban brew to 23 degrees Fahrenheit, while a machine continuously blows air into the mixture. The result is a frothy, creamy topping that is frozen and made from beer.

This looks interesting, I can see not far from know they may add flavour to that foam that will enhance flavour to the beer, just keep it natural!

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