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Malaysian Import Beer Tax Are Crazy

January 30, 2021 – 2:02 pm Comments Off

malaysia and beer

As I have now opened my owned beer shop, I started to import beers for my shop. First time doing my tax calculation really spooked me off.

Duties Calculation – PER LITER
1) Import Duty = Qty in liter  x Import Duty Rates
2) Excise Duty 1 = Qty in liter x Excise Duty Rates
3) Excise Duty 2 = (Import Duty +Excise Duty+ Total Value of goods) x Excise 2 Rates
4) Sales Tax =  (Import Duty + Excise  Duty 1 + Excise Duty 2 + Total Value of Goods ) x Sales Tax Rates

You have to go through 3 duty and 1 tax to clear from custom.

Wines     Brandy/Whisky       Rum/Vodka/Gin        Beer
Duty                7              58                                 55                                   5
Excise 1         12             30                                30                                    7.4
Excise 2         15%         15%                             15%                                 15%
Sales tax        5%           5%                               5%                                   5%

Trust me when the first 2 duties add together is already quite crazy.

Just simple calculation a box of RM0 (24 bottles x 330ml) beer will cost RM118.60 just on the tax without declaring a single cent on the goods. That already RM4.95 before the beer add on price and logistic. When you add on the goods price and the extra tax on Excise 2 and Sales Tax is just become havoc.

For beer drinkers in Malaysia, is fair for us to asked what the country did for us since we contribute so much extra money to them. We have to forgive the proper imported beers for the expensive price because of the expensive tax and bad exchange rate.

I hope the next budget can do something about this. I really think is not fair for the consumer to absorb all this taxes while the government is doing nothing to stop the illegal smuggled beer into the country. I can’t blame the smuggler as this is a lucrative business. Beer selling at RM5 a can get around 100% margin as the real cost is around RM2 per can without paying tax.

Will I see the day that beer excise duty will be reduce… that we have to sound our concern  out loud! For the glory of beers in Malaysia to be reasonably price.

To Many Beer News In Malaysia

August 7, 2021 – 12:13 pm 3 Comments

malaysia and beer

Recently beer news in Malaysia keep pouring in non-stop, I can’t even keep it up. From model got punish for drinking beer to beer rivalry and now the Selangor government will come up with new regulation for Alcohol. For an Islamic country, beer is sure happening here. I bet you agree.

All this not even include the many events that beer company are having, like Heineken events and even the up coming 250 years of Guinness event that keep updates and making a real fun event that must not miss.

One side of the Muslim faith are trying to shut down all this beer company and selling of alcohol, but another side of the country are fighting for the right so that non-muslim can get their beer.

There is too many story to said, furthermore I notice more and more smuggle beer in the country. We can get cheap beer in many places, just need to open our eyes big big and you can find it in many chinese sundry/herbal shop. Either way most of those beer are not tempting, is for hardcore beer drinker or alcoholic.

Recently I here from some people that importing wine is much easier then importing beer? Can that be true, can the big guys like GAB and Carlsberg controlling the government to reduce all this license of import beer? So that they can hold the big market share they holding? Can this be the conspiracy? If so, Jaz Beer please push harder and start to import some great beer and let the 3 corner fight begins!

For sure there are many weak points to argue on all this term. What’s next? Can someone please do something with Non-Alcoholic Beer, it will be a cheap alternative for beer drinker just to enjoy the drink without the worry of getting summon, jail or maybe whip?

For now, August is sure full of many rumour and gossip. Hope we have a great month! If you know of any secret stuff, please do let me know! Cheers, Enjoy August!

Beer Excise Duty And Sales Tax In Malaysia

July 2, 2021 – 8:26 am 1 Comment

malaysia and beer

I found this in Carlsberg Malaysia site, which is nice to know how much we actually pay for the beer we drink and how much goes to Malaysia Government.

Duty composition in Malaysia
Beer and stout manufactured in Malaysia are subject to Malaysian excise duty and sales tax.

Excise duty payment is at RM7.40 per litre. There is also an “Ad Valorem” duty payment of 15% on the ex-brewery price for the beer products.


Sales tax is also levied at 5.0% of principally the ex-factory invoice price on all products sold.

The past trend of duty increases for beer and stout in Malaysia
Excise duty was increased in September 2005 by 23.3% and an “Ad Valorem” duty of 15% ex-brewery price was introduced whilst sales tax was reduced to 5.0% of ex-brewery price of the products. The net increase in September 2005 was around 8.0%. There was no duty increase for the year 2006 and 2007.


Import duty on beer in Malaysia
The import duty for beer is RM5.00 per liter.

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