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March 21, 2021 – 9:26 am Comments Off

Hideout is new kid on the block on the tun mohd fuad area, near the TTDI market. Had a launch month back, serving the GAB regulars. IF you’re fan of guinness draught, they have 3 pints for 50MYR promotion.

This pub located first floor of another local pub on ground floor, just next to secret recipe. Their verandah have a good view of the new mcD outlet just right across the street. Nice to chill on the verandah, looking out at the street.

Their food menu is growing, beer finger food like sauteed sausage and spicy ikan bilis, and some of the more filling food on the menu. They might be doing lunch set soon.

For ladies prefer sweeter drinks, SPY wine cooler from Siam Winery available both black and classic.

There is a pool table on the pub now, for the drunk who wants to prove their pool table acumen.. still able to aim the cue after few pints, by all means.

Hideout also have a DJ station. Every now and then, they will have resident DJ churning out current hits, keeping the crowd upbeat.

Check it out, if you’re near TTDI, will be fast growing place to be.

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