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New Beer In Town – BOCQ Fruit Beer

May 15, 2021 – 4:11 pm Comments Off

Bocq Agrum and Apple just arrive at our shore few days back. Now available at Ales & Lagers. It come in a 250ml bottle, that can goes quite nice with food. It’s a light wheat beer with fruit flavour. Agrum is a mandarin orange flavour while the other one is apple flavour wheat beer. Have fun trying! Cheers!

Fruit Rojak

June 26, 2021 – 8:44 am 1 Comment

fruit rojak

Fruit Rojak also non as Malaysia Fruit Salad. Recently people said that I always pair beer with unhealthy food like rendang or fried stuff. I’m not a very heathy diet person, so is kinda hard to find healthy food in my list. But again beer it self is sure not a healthy drink. Fruit salad ingredient come with pineapple, cucumber, jambu air, mango, sweet turnip, papaya, prawn paste, chilly and sesame seed. This fruit rojak is sure healthy.

Ok, back to the topic. The rojak have a taste of sweet, spicy, salty, prawn aroma and fruit sweetness. Beer pairing of normal beer like lager and ale is alrite, but if you can find some hefe-wheat or IPA will even better. You may not want to go with a lot of beer with rojak, when you burp then you understand what I mean. Have fun trying, maybe I will continue look for healthier food to pair with food. Cheers!

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