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Nickeldime Drafthouse (Singapore)

October 21, 2020 – 9:30 am Comments Off

The month of October sees the birth of a well established watering hole in Singapore, Nickeldime Drafthouse. Situated at a strategic location of Novena, it’s just 5 minutes walk from the MRT station.

Nickeldime Drafthouse




The Concept
Quality food paired with quality beer at the price that does not hurt the wallet for men and the purse for the ladies. At the corner of the shop is a section setup as the bottle beer shop of which attractively priced beers are available for takeaway.



Spacious seatings and beautiful retro decoration makes the whole experience relaxing and conducive for some good companies and conversations.



The Beers
Craftbeers from American, British to Belgium. From Lager, India Pale Ale to Porter, the varieties of beer will spoil you for choice. If the bottled beers variety is not enough, there’s 15 taps with fresh from the kegs are served everyday. Proceed to the counter and look for the friendly bartender for what they have to offer that day on draft.


The Food
Beer is definitely the theme here. As if the vast amount of beer selection is not enough, the food is inspired and infused with beer. With good selection of bar bites, pizza, burgers and ribs for the protein hungry patrons, the food will not disappoint.



The Conclusion
Definitely should come and experience Nickeldime Drafthouse if you are a local. If you are vising Singapore, include this in your must-try list for craftbeer place to visit.


Contact Info
Address: 273 Thomson Road, #01-06, Singapore 307644
Tel: +65 6256 0261

Potbellies (Soon to be named Lee Tai Fu) in Singapore

July 24, 2021 – 9:30 am Comments Off

This was one of the early place that developed my interest in craft beer about 2 years ago when it was still named Heart of House. The partnership of this gastropub has split and one of the owner has branch out and set up his own place.


Now Derek, the owner of Potbellies has set out on his own to set up this gastropub that focus on good food and affordable good craft beer. Lots of American craft beer, Germans, Belgians and ciders to be offered here.


If IPA, Saison, Porter, Cider and Weissbier are something that hit hard on your thirst, then Potbellies is the place for you. According to Derek (the owner), they have struck an exclusive deal with Singapore’s American Craft Beer Club. They will provide some very attractive price to their offerings of American craftbeer to add on top of the delicious food like Otah-otah pizza and fried chicken wings that is to be offered. More beer varieties will be offered on tap and also some limited edition American craftbeer.


So, if you happen be around Tiong Bahru area in Singapore, make sure you pay a visit to Potbellies. It is situated right beside NTUC along Kim Tian Road, you will not missed the outdoor table and flooring tiled with craftbeer bottle caps that beautifully decorate the place. However be informed though, that Potbellies will be rename to Lee Tai Fu soon, due to unintentional infringement of the same name of an establishment in the USA. Address can be found as follow.

Lee Tai Fu (formerly known as Potbellies)
16 Kim Tian Road
Singapore 169251

Fun With Tiger Crystal & Food

December 14, 2020 – 2:33 pm Comments Off

Last week Tiger Crystal invite us over to Switch Club @ The Strand, Kota Damansara for a Tiger Crystal food pairing. I was quite look forward with any beer food pairing. Tiger Crystal has a light refreshing taste, crispy in body and light malty aroma. It will go well with light flavour food.


Cold water prawns with white fungus, Iberian ham and sesame
The combination of prawn and iberian ham give a lot of smoky taste to the dish. The white fungus give a nice crunchy texture to it. A simple yet not too heavy in taste paired nicely with the beer. The flower give a light aroma of sweetness on the dish. Both cold dish and cold beer compliment nicely. Nicely done.

Passion fruit marinated duck pietee
The dish served with marmalade sauce which I spread it on. Surprisingly refreshing taste because of the little dice cucumber and chili. The duck combination with all the garnish on top and the crunchy pietee skin is a nice combination. Paired with a refreshing beer is refreshing x refreshing.


Carribean-styled salmon and sole fish infused with Tiger Crystal
This dish a bit lost in translation, as the ingredient doesn’t gel together. Each individual stand out by it own. The Salmon and Sole fish doesn’t combine correctly in taste, texture wise the dish is quite  alright with light fluffy texture of the fish and smooth light chewy on the shell fish plus those tomatoes are quite delight. But taste wise it just don’t gel in together. Individual pairing of this ingredients will be a better option. The lala is the best pairing with beer, a light seafood aroma goes well with the beer.

Lamb shank infused with Tiger Crystal
I did like this lamb shank. Not sure infused with Tiger Crystal is necessary as the lamb taste will overwhelm the Tiger Crystal flavour. Again the garnish of chili and cucumber give a refreshing taste. The lamb shank is well done, meat comes off the bone easily. Add in the sauce will give the food more taste. Nice touch on the garnish that make the food beer pairing good.


Tiger Crystal shot with fresh passion fruit and kiwi puree
A bit loss with this one, with Tiger Crystal blend with passion fruit and kiwi, it does enhance the bitter taste of the beer. Fruit sweetness will always bring out the beer bitter. Plus after a good nice meal, a short doesn’t make it as a thin dessert like this. I would have expect a bit more for this one. Overall, this one is way disappointed.

The best pairing is the Passion fruit marinated duck pietee. I can go on and have at least 8 or 9. Is a good finger food paired nicely with beer. Crunchy pietee skin with light chewy duck meat will give some good bites plus a refreshing beer is a nice combination.


Jarrod & Rawlins Is Back @ Desa Sri Hartamas

May 6, 2021 – 11:41 am 1 Comment

J&R Deli have now change to J&R – The Pub. J&R have redo the place up and make it a more friendly diners experience. After closing almost 2 weeks for renovation, is now ready to welcome back it’s customer with their new styling. Of course yesterday is a test run for the place, beside some minors details most of the renovation has been completed. It will be fully complete by next week.

The new bar is very nice with white marble top. The reflection from the lights is nice. I find it very sleek and clean. Nicely done. The rest is up to the decorations of the place to bring up more depths and mood to it.

One thing good, maybe they used the non odor/smell paint. Normally if you go to a new place you can smell the paint and the wood work and tainted smell, this new place don’t have that at all. Which is good as the smell will sure kill off the dinning experience.

Actually, it all comes to the food. J&R is famous for their food, with this new pub style – it will be a gastropub of its own delicious serving meal. Look at the medium cooked steak above, taste wonderful. After closing for 2 weeks for renovation, J&R is now back! Congratulations to the new look! Cheers!

No. 36 (Grd Flr), Jalan 27/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

Ocha or Beer?

February 24, 2021 – 10:25 am 4 Comments

I was invited by Larry the owner of Ocha to come over. But when he tell me about cheras, I was quite skeptical. Ocha opened end of last year, which is slightly around 2 months. Still a very new place.

From the outside of Menara PGRM you can easily spot this place. I like the clean look of it, warm lighting is always my favourite. It make the place cosy and nice to be in. By the way Ocha means Green Tea for those who don’t know… haha

Because we were there early, the place is still empty. I like the ambient of the place, very cosy and nice. Is simple yet very nicely done. I don’t mind coming to this place to do my work during afternoon as the place is quiet and got wifi for me to go online.

Or if you like to have some air and little breeze, you can always sit on the wide corridor. The corridor area feel nice to have beer.

My favourite area in Ocha is here. I like the dark brown deco here, which feel even nicer to have my beer and chat with my friends. Maybe it look more like a VIP place.

By now you should have guess that this place is selling Paulaner beer. As this will be another exclusive Paulaner joint. With Paualner logo hanging at almost every corner at the Restaurant, who can actually miss what beer they are selling… haha

As many of Beerbeer reader knows that I’m a big fan of Beer and Food pairing. I love to eat and drink at the same time. With a wide variety of finger food, this is for sure one of the best pairing. Fried calamari or fried shrimp, goes perfectly with the chill beer that enhance the aroma of the food. The more you drink the more you want to eat or vice versa.

The tempura prawn mix with the sauce with a gulp of beer, sure an indulgence of perfect harmony. Ocha will have free flow of Paulaner beer during their buffet section with some additional cost, which will be a big hit to food and  beer lover. So Cheras people, now you don’t need to drive all the way down to other place, you can just drop by your neighbourhood and enjoy Paulaner beer.

This place will constantly update their promotion, I will keep my eyes on Ocha to see what is their next promotion that will crave my appetite. This place is not bad after all, how wrong was I about Cheras. Is time for me to take back my word. Cheers!

G1, Grd Flr, 8 Jalan Pudu Ulu, Menara PGRM,
56100, Cheras, Malaysia

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