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Local food pairing with Guinness FES review

June 8, 2021 – 6:00 am No Comments

Continue from where we left off with the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout pairing with local 7 main dishes, here are the verdict as a taster, but each person tastebud are different, it may works very well and perfect for you. Do try it when you’re out on local restaurant with a bottle of Foreign Extra stout, you may find a whole different experience with this black brew.

1. Fresh Oysters

Guinness and Oysters are celebrated around the world beginning in Galway Ireland in the mid 50’s. The Galway Oyster Festival and the Guinness Oyster Festival in Cincinnati amongst many, see thousands of people come together to enjoy their oyster with the perfect beverage accompaniment – Guinness.
According to the food pairing expert, the best way to enjoy the full flavour of oysters is to eat them raw served on the deep shell to hold their succulent juices. Fresh lemon juice or a drop of Tabasco sauce is also often used as accompaniments. We would never have thought that taste can improve on plain oysters and Guinness, but after try it in these variations and we are amazed at the different dimensions it gives. But somehow I felt the oysters taste somewhat overpowered the rest of the dishes, but it was quite an amazing taste to said.

2. Steamed cod fish in Soy Sauce

Steamed fish may sound plain, but this dish is packed with flavour and texture.
Tasty, tender and smooth, this local favourite fish cuisine is subtly flavored with soy sauce making it a delightful companion while enhancing the sweetness of Foreign Extra Stout. I say quite a good pairing.

3. Guinness Infused Fresh Water Prawn

GUINNESS® has been a part of cooking for generations and when we weren’t deciding what’s best cooked in it, we were deciding what’s best eaten with it. Above is a classic Guinness advertising which depicts a lobster trying to get its hands on a pint of Guinness! The rich, full-bodied flavor of Guinness makes this stout perfect for cooking and works in a variety of dishes. GUINNESS® intensifies flavour, adds depth, enhance texture and when it boils down to it, just tastes great.
My verdict, this Guinness infused fresh water prawn is awesome.. a good combination with Foreign Extra Stout.

4. Famous Crispy Pork Knuckle

This international favourite is a perfect combination for the black stuff! Deep fried to crispy perfection, this dish leaves its skin delightfully light and crunchy and a layer of tender succulent meat beneath, packed with bursts of flavours.
The crispy skin pairing off with the Foreign Extra sweetness is just nice, makes me wonder what about Peking duck, this formula could work too!

5. Stir-fried Bitter gourd with Bean Sprout

When its the time this Bitter Gourd and Bean Sprout dished out on the table, I start wondering how a bitter food works with Foreign Extra Stout.
Served on a bed of stir fried bean sprouts, some said this bitter gourd dish pleasantly complements the bold black brew, giving it a surprisingly, sweet tang on the palate. If you like bitter gourd, maybe this would be a good complement, but the notion of eating bitter gourd already a turn off for me, I can only admire those whom can appreciate this pairing.

6. Chili Crab

Few things go better with seafood than the smooth, hearty taste of Guinness. Crabs and Guinness have been known to be a perfect combination for decades. Classic vintage Guinness advertising by John Gilroy dated back in 1935, shows a crab trying to wrap its claws around a Guinness which says “have one with me”, well known artistic depiction of this globally renowned fact.
Chili crab is a popular crab dish in Malaysia. Its semi thick, sweet and savoury tomato and chili based sauce really lights-up the smelling senses and tastes great. A profusion of smells emanate from the key ingredients – ginger, garlic, rice vinegar, eggs and chili and tomato sauce. I find this pairing is well chosen, as the sweet savoury sauce really work out the Foreign Extra Stout.

7. Hokkien Fried Mee

Noodles are a popular local staple amongst Malaysians, especially this Hokkien Fried Mee.
This thick yellow noodle dish fried in black soy sauce with a generous serving of crunchy pork bits is bursting with flavour and is a quite a good accompaniment with Foreign Extra Stout. No doubt about it, we can see many uncles having their favorite FES with a plate of Hokkien Fried Noodle.

Guinness Vs Guinness

May 19, 2021 – 9:06 am 4 Comments

Last week we went to GAB for the Guinness League of Excellence press event. During the event they demonstrated Guinness Draught (GD) 2 parts pour and how to drink Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (FES). So with that we able to try out a few comparison between Guinness Draught 1 part pour and 2 parts pour and the GD taste versus FES. (more…)

Beers In Malaysia – Guinness Foreign Extra

March 30, 2021 – 2:47 pm No Comments

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (FES)
Many people confuse  FES with Guinness Draught. FES is the classic stout that we all remember as young kids. Most of the young adult hate this beer but fall in love with Guinness Draught. This is the Orh Kaw (黑狗) that many remember. Of course the dog is not as famous now as many have switch to the Draught, but it’s still maintain it’s own supremacy for the old school man!

Who Is Arthur Guinness?

September 21, 2020 – 10:07 am No Comments

sir arthur guinness

We know this week Guinness is celebrating Arthur’s Day. So who is this Arthur? Sir Arthur Guinness is the man that started Guinness 251 years ago at 1759 when he signs a 9,000-year lease on a disused brewery at St James’s Gate, Dublin, for an initial payment of £100 and subsequent annual rental of £45 (including water rights). He begins brewing porter and ale.


Guinness first came to South East Asia at 1860. More the a hundred years later that Foreign Extra Stout reach SEA. But only 30 years later that Malaya got Guinness at 1893.


It took 60 more years later that Guinness opens it brewery in Malaysia in August 1965. Sungei Way Brewery is officially opened by Tunku Abdul Rahman (The First Prime Minister of Malaysia) on March 19, 1966. How time have change a merely 50 years later no muslim minister will officiate anything associate with alcohol.


In Malaysia, Guinness starts distributing and selling its own brands on the 70′s, adopting the Bulldog symbol across all products. That why in the early years we called it “Or Kow” (hokkien for black dog), many still called it today.


In 1993 Guinness celebrates a century in Malaysia. A specially recreated commemorative classic bottle that carries the original 1965 Guinness Foreign Extra Stout label is produced. Today more then 10 million glasses of Guinness are enjoyed every day and the stout is sold in over 150 countries around the world.


In 2009 Guinness celebrates its 250th anniversary. Is a world wide event and Malaysia is one of the location as we consume more Guinness then any of our neighbouring country.

As for this year Arthur’s Day is back to celebrate the legacy of Arthur Guinness. I think this will be a yearly event to hype up the loyal fans of Guinness. So now you know who is Arthur Guinness, how many years of history they have in Malaysia and are we celebrating Arthur’s Day. With this we raise our Guinness and shout out loud “TO ARTHUR!”.

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