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Ales & Lagers: Weihenstephaner Dunkel Promo

June 26, 2021 – 5:28 pm 2 Comments

Ales & Lagers are doing a special promo for Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel. RM17 per bottle (usual price at RM20 each). If you purchase 10 and above will be RM16 each bottle.

For more enquiries or order you can emailing to [email protected]. Cheers!

Stärker Dunkel Is Here!

September 21, 2020 – 2:05 pm Comments Off

Stärker Dunkel is the new variants in Stärker Beer family. Is a dark lager which trying to capture the dark beer drinkers. Bare in mind, this is not a stout. So don’t drink this beer and compare with the stout as this is a dark lager.

I expected a bit too much on the beer which turn out quite disappointed. Not much aroma on the nose. Just some light malt and sugary sweetness. As for palate, the entry is very carbonated, refreshing, some dark caramel sweetness, with a bit of flowery and herby taste. Not much after taste at the end. The beer is dark and cloudy in colour. The head looks quite good but vanish quite fast as well.

Since this is the first batch, will give a try few months from now. Hope the taste will improve. I really wish Stärker beer didn’t create this beer just for gimmick. I think they can brew better beer then this. If you have try, please let me know what you think?

So far the beer only available in Overtime.

Franziskaner Is Now Officially On Tap

October 16, 2020 – 2:21 am Comments Off

franziskaner launch @ bavarian bierhaus

Get your Franziskaner Weissbier on Tap for both variant of Hefe and Dunkel at few places in Klang Valley area. Bavarian Bierhaus, Euro Deli and Brussels Beer Cafe are one of few that will carry the tap. So enjoy a good pint. Cheers!

Bak Kua

February 13, 2021 – 8:22 am 3 Comments

Bak Kua

Since CNY just ended, and is time to start finishing all the left over. Bak Kua is pork slice that bbq until the thing dried up. Or course it’s have been marinated with special sauce that taste sweet and salty. Direct translation for Bak Kua is dried pork. This finger food is nicely goes with beer. I prefer mostly to go with dark beer, because the charcoal smell and the sweet taste of the bak kua cater nicely with dark beer.

Something heavy duty like grand cru will go nicely too. No doubt about it, I still think dunkel weissbier is the best choice. Is a very nice snack to have during beer section. A bunch of people sitting and chatting while munching through this dried pork and wash down with a nice chill dunkel weissbier. How nice is that, although is early but I already feel like eating bak kua and beer. Cheers!

Weihenstephaner hefeweissbier dunkel

December 1, 2020 – 8:18 am 2 Comments

A gift from Kennhyn during his ‘Microbrewery Tour 2008′. I received this after we met at Brewerkz Riverside Point, our first stop of the day.

Took a careful look on the bottle, all in zee Germans, 500ml bottle @ 5.3% ABV, ~ RM20 according to Kennhyn, not cheap ! Expired on 06.12.08, clearly this weissbier is not meant to keep. Good for me !

Tried this after dinner. Light chestnut brown (much lighter than appeared in the picture), cloudy and non-penetrable to light. Citrusy with hints of herbs and roasted coffee on the nose. light-bodied, dry, can’t detect much in the mouth, except some delightful hops. Complex and long aftertaste for a beer with light spices, nuts, herbs and more hops.

Weihenstephaner is one of the OLDEST brewery still in operation which originated from a Munich monastery dated back to 1040. I am drinking history, thanks !

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