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Skipinder#2 – Guide to Drinking like An Hero

April 21, 2021 – 9:22 am No Comments

Drinking long enough in different places in town and you will notice that there are so many kinds of drinker. Happy drinker, emo drinker, downer, 1 upper, silent killer, follower and well, you get the idea.

To drink like a champion, you gotta first know how your other fellow drinkers drink. Here is a brief run down.

1. Happy Drinker: The most normal of them all. They start out sober, drink and gets happier as the more drinks they consume. After that, the either stop or drunk.

2. Emo Drinker: The class of drinker gets more emotional and crazy after a few drinks. They will start crying, making scenes and doing stupid things like break up for no reason, they will only regret the next morning.

3. Downer: The suicide class. Claim they can drink, get beer, down like AN hero, knocked himself out after TWO pints of beer.

4. 1 Upper: Similar to downer, they always try to start 1 pint ahead of people. However, some drinkers manage to survive the 1 Upping skills while some die a horrible death of puke and hangover.

5. Silent Killer: There are two genres of silent killers. The first one looks sober and manage to get you drunk and happy. The other kind is drunk and you don’t even notice. Or they are simply just too quiet.

6. Follower: Usually a good drinker, you don’t push you on how many you can drink, but keep up with your pace until you KO.

7. Birthday People: Everyone get to become the birthday people drinker once a year (or 4, depends). The class or drinker is technically in the compulsory drinking binge in which they drink whatever people pitch at them. Must consist of at least a shot of tequila and a flaming Lamborghini.

So, what kind of drinker are you and your best mates?

Drunk barman eaten alive by lions

November 11, 2020 – 12:37 am No Comments

A drunk barman at a game reserve was eaten alive by three lions following a marathon drinking session in South Africa.

Jan-Friederick Bredenhand, 30, was pulled into the lions’ pen by his legs after climbing up a fence pole, and was “ripped to pieces”.

Police believe the food and drinks manager was drunk and wanted to “play” with the animals after an all-night party at the wildlife park in South Africa, the Sun of UK reported.

Tourist Veluchia Hassim told of seeing the beasts chewing on his carcass after being woken by screams at 5am on Sunday. The incident happened at the privately-run Addo Croc and Lion Ranch near Port Elizabeth.

She said: “We ran to the encampment. It was horrific. The one lion was gnawing on his ribs when we got there.”

The wildlife resort’s owner, Johnny Janse van Rensburg, had to shoot the animals dead — just two weeks after he bought the business — so cops could recover the victim’s remains.

A friend of Bredenhand, Jamiel Jonas, said they had been partying all night.

He said: “After they braaied (barbecued) and partied at the ranch entrance, they came back home, but he wanted to play with the lions.

“Then just after 5am his friend came screaming for us to phone the police and for an ambulance. He was drunk.

“When we got to the camp we saw the remains of his body. Most of his stomach was torn out and his leg had been ripped off.”

Police spokeswoman Gerda Swart said Bredenhand is believed to have been seized by the legs and dragged to his gruesome death.

She said: “He climbed the fence around their enclosure and clearly got too close.

“Since he was drunk he may not have been in sound mind, but it was an incredibly dangerous and stupid thing to do.

“People who play dangerous games with animals like lions are asking for trouble – and he got it.”

He was caught by a lone lion.

Swart added: “After that there was nothing he could do – another male lion and a female joined the attack and ripped him to pieces.

“The man’s friend watched the whole thing happen but couldn’t do anything to help. He was very traumatised.”

The victim’s pal, Simon, ran to get help and flagged down a passing motorist.

Waldo Le Roux said: “He (Simon) came out of nowhere and was suddenly in the road right in front of me.

“I drove past, but he looked so upset that I turned around.

“He was screaming ‘please help me, my friend is being eaten by a lion’.”

La Roux ran to the enclosure but Mr Bredenhand was already dead.

He said: “I tugged at the fence but I couldn’t do anything.”

Van Rensburg added: “There was no reason for him to be there.

“He was the bar and restaurant manager so he was not involved with the lions.”

He had only been working at the resort for a month. –

Beerbeer: don’t drink and dream you’re in paradise, enjoy the drink and be sober!

Drinks vs Yoga

July 8, 2021 – 10:28 am 1 Comment

Someone send me in the mail, really funny!

Position of total relaxation.

Position that brings the sensation of peace and calm.

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
This position calms the brain and heals tired legs.

Position stimulates the midirift area and the spinal comumn.

Excelent for back pain and imsomnia.

Excelent for the shoulder area, thorax, legs, and arms.

Great excersice to stimulate the lumbar area, legs, and arms.

Ananda Balasana
This position is great for masaging the hip area.

This position, for ankles and back muscles.

Drunk Bid Made Hugh £11million

December 17, 2020 – 4:58 pm No Comments


(The Sun UK Online) HUGH GRANT was drunk when he bought the ANDY WARHOL painting of ELIZABETH TAYLOR which made him £11million.

In 2001 he took a Concorde flight with his dad to visit his brother in New York and bought it there for £2million. It sold for £13million in 2007.


Hugh said: “I’d been having a drunken dinner with my father the night before and I said, ‘We ought to go see my brother Jamie. You know, the Concorde’s amazing.  “We had lunch, drank a lot of beer. And I was thinking about some stuff in the Sotheby’s auction and I saw the Liz Taylor.”

Easy for some.

(Beerbeer) Who would have known that a drunk decision will bank in so much of money after that. The true fact we know that drunk decision will not ended good most of the time, especially when you wake up and saw stranger beside you.

Drunk Parents Forgot To Feed Baby

March 27, 2021 – 1:02 am 4 Comments

I saw this article title “Baby boy starves to death; drunk parents forgot to feed him” in the star. I feel really sad this happen, as the baby could be alive if the parent are sober. Concerned relatives had found the baby unconscious in the house and had rushed him to the hospital at about 3am on Wednesday. Too bad the baby died in the ICU of Miri Hospital.

That why Beerbeer are here to promote responsible drinking. I know sometimes we get carried away from drinking but this is wrong. Must always responsible with our action, as drinking are allow for those 18 y.o. & above and only over 21 y.o. & above to buy hard liquor so that we can take on the responsibility. Too bad this thing happen, since weekend is just at the corner, please drink with responsibility so that no such thing will happen.

Have a save weekend!

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