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Fail: Drink & Don’t Drive

October 15, 2020 – 10:02 am Comments Off

Drink and drive is always an issue in Malaysia. I have too many friends that I know off met an accident after drink. In that instance non of them got hurt badly and neither is their victim. Regardless how minor or major the accident, drink & drive is an offence that we must avoid.

I myself is guilty of this. Many of us have survive many time to tell the story but accident can happen anytime, but drunk driving will make the possibility higher. Which is not something that we should do or practise.

In oversea, the practise of drink & don’t drive is something really good. We should all learn from it. I myself should start doing that. I shall not say more, just have to slowly get used to it. Cheers and be save on the road.

Listen! Listen! Just Shut Up And Drink!

January 16, 2021 – 2:28 pm Comments Off

Skipinder#2 – Guide to Drinking like An Hero

April 21, 2021 – 9:22 am Comments Off

Drinking long enough in different places in town and you will notice that there are so many kinds of drinker. Happy drinker, emo drinker, downer, 1 upper, silent killer, follower and well, you get the idea.

To drink like a champion, you gotta first know how your other fellow drinkers drink. Here is a brief run down.

1. Happy Drinker: The most normal of them all. They start out sober, drink and gets happier as the more drinks they consume. After that, the either stop or drunk.

2. Emo Drinker: The class of drinker gets more emotional and crazy after a few drinks. They will start crying, making scenes and doing stupid things like break up for no reason, they will only regret the next morning.

3. Downer: The suicide class. Claim they can drink, get beer, down like AN hero, knocked himself out after TWO pints of beer.

4. 1 Upper: Similar to downer, they always try to start 1 pint ahead of people. However, some drinkers manage to survive the 1 Upping skills while some die a horrible death of puke and hangover.

5. Silent Killer: There are two genres of silent killers. The first one looks sober and manage to get you drunk and happy. The other kind is drunk and you don’t even notice. Or they are simply just too quiet.

6. Follower: Usually a good drinker, you don’t push you on how many you can drink, but keep up with your pace until you KO.

7. Birthday People: Everyone get to become the birthday people drinker once a year (or 4, depends). The class or drinker is technically in the compulsory drinking binge in which they drink whatever people pitch at them. Must consist of at least a shot of tequila and a flaming Lamborghini.

So, what kind of drinker are you and your best mates?

Take Off Bra For Free Drink

January 18, 2021 – 2:20 pm 9 Comments


(Star Online) A NIGHTCLUB in Singapore is offering free drinks to women according to the cup size of their bra, reports China Press.

The OverEasy nightclub came out with the idea to attract customers by organising the event themed “Fill My Cups.”

It is said that those with A cup would get one free drink while those with B cup would get two glasses.

Those who wore C cup would receive three drinks.

Women with D cup would be given a bottle of alcoholic drink worth S$168 (RM408).

The daily said the “special offer” has drawn mixed reactions with some seeing it as a creative marketing gimmick while others felt offended and said they would not support such an event.

(Beerbeer) This is something interesting. I would really want to find out which Bar is this in Singapore. The only down part is all the guys will be there and no ladies, just some horny left guys hitting the bar with desperate felling… haha

Anti Beer Campaign

July 23, 2021 – 12:26 pm 4 Comments

anti beer campaign

Many government and NGO out there are campaigning for anti-alcohol campaign. I can’t blame them, as alcohol is something not really good for our health. Many times alcohol abuser have cost problem to the society, family member and other unintended problems.

But I think anti beer and alcohol campaign should make the campaign more workable. Many of the user already know the bad benefit you get from drinking, is just like anti cigarette campaign, it just doesn’t work or the campaign in not really effective.

Maybe because, I formerly work in advertising agency, which most of this people are heavy drinker and smoker. To come out a campaign that goes against their daily require is not really that smart. But either way I’m not going against all this campaign, I believe a proper education is good, so that people will aware of what they are doing. Same here with Beerbeer, we are trying to educate people to drink with more understanding.

Just like we all know how bad is drink and drive, yet I bet 90% of people still doing it. So maybe drinkers out there, just if you still can use your brain after a drinking section, be more caution or listen to your friend which is not drunk. May better campaign is produce to reduce the the bad statistic.

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