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Singapore Beerfest Asia 2011 Trip – Day 1

June 16, 2021 – 8:49 am No Comments

Arriving early morning in Singapore at the soon to be closed down Tanjong Pagar KTM Train Station, snapping a few short to leave some memory. Next time down in train I’ll be arriving in Woodland and no more here, sure will miss this place.

When I arrive at Inn Crowd backpackers place, first thing I see is someone already start their day with couple of big beer… haha, respect!

Then went on to RedDot to see the beer judging competition.

Is quite intense as they have to decide which is the best beer for this year beer award. I learn a lot for all this beer industry people, from brew master to writers, supplier to outlet owner. Many opinions can be learn from.

After that went to The Penny Post and found out the Guinness Draught here taste really different. Don’t really like the taste of it, is like added sour and rustic flavour… weird.

Then walk pass this place in Clark Quay. Fast food joint selling beer… my eyes did blink and I went in and check it out.

I think Malaysia should have this kind of fast food joint as well, will be really interesting. I like the idea. Well done Burger King!

My next stop is Brussels Sprouts @ Robertson Quay, I think I make a mistake by going there too early. The beer list is good, more then 100 over Belgium beer selection but is a bit too early to have Belgium beer as still got few place need to check it out.

Next stop I went to Beerfest Asia @ Marina Promenade to see how is the progress. Everything seems getting on well and today we will have a great beerfest!

I went back Inn Crowd @ Little India for a shower and go to Jibiru @ 313 Somerset for some Japanese Craft Beer. It was awesome to try some Japanese Craft Brews. Something I didn’t expect.

Then went to Foundry @ Muhammad Sultan Road. Which closed at 11pm… what a surprise. I guess different country, different ruling.

Then we hop back to Clark Quay, where the party is still going strong and stop at this place called Crazy Elephant. There I have my last pint for the night before I head back to sleep… that is day 1. Freaking tired from all the walking.

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