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The Great Beer Bar

May 11, 2021 – 10:55 am 1 Comment

Most man dream to open up a bar, without a doubt I have that dream too. Few years ago all this are just a dream. Today is no more a dream but an actual craft beer bar. So far KL have only 3 craft beers places which Taps in Mont Kiara and Jalan Nagasari and Ales & Lagers @ Publika.

The place look and feel a bit like a cafe but we only serve beers, a lot of choices of beer. Mainly focus on craft beers.

Food will also be available from 5pm -11pm. We got a selection of food that always changes depending who is handling the kitchen. The food is handle by Curbside Cantina (the famous food truck) & Coolinary Ronins. You may never know what you get in this bar, just like the forever changing beer menu here.


The menu are created to compliment with the beers. Mostly introducing some local infuse flavour to it. Can’t tell you too much about the food menu, as the kitchen guys will always surprise us with great flavour.


This is a hybrid bar, which basically beside the bar we also encourage to do take away, we try to keep the prices as low as possible so everyone can enjoy a great beer at affordable price. By saying that, craft beers prices are not attractive but once you tasted it, is not easy to go back drinking commercial stuff.  

The open bar taps is the keg feature. If you really want to pour your owned beer, please let the servicemen know, they will guide you to pour a perfect glass.   



At this moment, most of the craft beers are from USA and UK. Slowly we will venture into other region as well. Hopefully able to promote more great beers to the public.


The selection of beers here will never be dull, there are always a lot of labels that you never see before. Each week and months will always feature all different type of beers.

On full Capacity the bar will run on 8 draft, as we are still learning how to get the best beer out from each kegs. On max we can pull out a total of 12 taps. That will be what we want to achieve. Drop by and check out it yourselves and try out the beers.

The Great Beer Bar
86 Jalan SS21/62, Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 03 7731 5946
Open Daily: 3pm – 1am
See you guys there!



Beer Is Always Evolving!

May 16, 2021 – 4:15 pm Comments Off

Just a short period of 6 years I embark into craft beers, I have seen the craft beer revolution and the beer evolution. The choices and varieties are way beyond our imagination as the beers are evolving.

Ok this apply to both commercial and craft beer, some may not agree but is a fact. Commercial beer are evolving to sell the beer to the messes. While the craft beer have build a group of followers that are always seeking for new style of beer.

Sadly, commercial beer could have more but they choose to stay with the advice from the people that don’t drink beer. But that’s not the point, commercial beer like Tiger also have came out with Tiger Radler which is beer with lemon flavour at 2%abv. The beer mostly target younger non drinking market to build more market share. Which is good, hopefully, this people will end up drinker beer and fall in love with craft beers :)

As for the craft beer, the trend keep changing. From a period of barrel aged beer to a period of sour ale and lambic. The latest craze is session beer with full body yet maintain the moderate 5%ABV. I did manage to try a couple of my favourite session beer. Good stuff!

Why can beer evolve with ease?

Beer evolve easily as it’s brew, which it’s cooked before it’s start fermenting. Flavour still can be added after fermentation, this give beer the flexibility like no other alcohol. With it’s cooking and mixing method, the style of beer will be unlimited to explore. Just like early days beer doesn’t include hops. Earliest record of hops in beer was in 11th century.

So far spice ingredient from Asia are not fully feature in craft beer yet, there are still plenty of potential to bring the beer to different creativity and taste. IPA is kinda of the symbols for Craft Beers geek. Even IPA have change drastically depending of which country it’s from. I still haven’t tasted the German IPA which I highly anticipate, hope to get them soon.

Many of the older beer culture country still not fully export out their craft beer which I believe will bring on another dimension of flavour to craft beer world. Commercial beer are getting a bit boring but they also evolve throughout the years. Creating less calories, more selection of flavour and rebranding their labels.

Beer is a common drinks that is not wine, is not sake, is not cider but is a drink can represent a country which each brewery present different character of style and flavours in the beer.

So how come the revolution of craft beer are moving so slowly if it’s that great?

While commercial beer basically monopolise the market, craft beer take up about a single digit figure on the market share. While the brand are certainly not popular, the prices and the type of beer just got customer confuse.

This is where the revolution of craft beer is hard to kick in especially country like Malaysia where many have just tasted the commercial local and imported beer and hardly willing to try anything that are less famous. If only the mentality of beer drinking is like how they drink wine, then craft beer market will be booming.

Education of beer is another part that major brands try not to do so. They will advertise using the premium or exclusive making the consumer think what they drink are the best but in real is far from the fact. Some beer drinker even argue that stout is not a beer. While we still got long way to go before we can convert the market. Education is the key for more people to try different beer.

So will the consumer evolve?

Of course, my wish is yes. Looking at it, Malaysian and Singapore consumers will evolve faster if there are some famous people drinking craft beers. Just like in United States, the craft beer scene have increase double figure each year, after the White House did some home-brew. Not expecting any local MP doing so, maybe some Borneo minister will promote Tuak!

Beer will always evolve, for the beer head like me is like chasing after the wind. So many brands, so many type and so many have yet to try. For that said, I’ll still try my best to discover more beers and try to introduce it to our market. Hope for those who reading, you guys will do so too, let’s hunt for better beer! Cheers!

Drinking Beer Was Never This Interesting

April 24, 2021 – 10:50 am Comments Off


I didn’t realise that beer can be this interesting when we started Beerbeer 6 years ago. This year mark the 6th years Beerbeer has existed. 2 more weeks and we will be celebrating Beerbeer anniversary.

Beer are interesting because of the new taste and flavour that I kept discover. Different brewer masters and different ingredients have give birth to many style of beers that always excite. I may not like all the style but I still very much falling in love with new style of beer that keep popping up in the global market.


Of course when we started we didn’t know much except drink and get drunk. From there we hunting for different brands (still doing it today). Brewed our owned beer which don’t come out great. Met people in the industry that teach us a lot about the beer market, the appreciation, the food pairing and plenty more that relate to beer.

Looking back 6 years ago that not many people know about craft beers but today it’s a global trend around the world. Wish Malaysia craft beer scene can pick up much faster ;)

Well the journey of beer is one interesting ride that I’m more then happy to embark. May not have the enlightenment of finding the meaning of life but sure give a lot of looking forward for next found of the hidden gems of beer that I haven’t discover.


From bar exploration to this day bottle shop hunt for great beer may sound downgraded but is far more exciting then ever. Bar don’t seem to be that exciting anymore. Is like good concept don’t come out much lately. A great find at bottle shop bring more excitement to me ;) Hence my own bottle shop that still got plenty to improve on.

More and more beer geek out there searching for new beer. More people are embarking into the beer journey. What will happen this coming years? I’ll not know, but I’m sure it will be one interesting chapter coming soon! Get in the bandwagon and find joy in your beer quest! Cheers!

Beertopia With An Awesome View

March 14, 2021 – 10:17 am Comments Off

Beertopia is Hong Kong craft beer festival. More then 400 beers to choose from. It started from yesterday (13 March 2021) till Saturday (15 March 2021). I was there early to enjoy the trade session, is fun as we able to meet up with some familiar faces and brewmasters from different parts of the continents! Of course the beer excite me the most!

The venue is perfect to held beerfest. As the view is Hong Kong City centre as the landscape. Waterfront Promenade West Kowloon is the event located. A far bit of walking from the nearest Kowloon MTR took about 10-15 mins walk.

Enough about the venue, let’s stick back to the beer! The selection is wide and Hong Kong craft beer scene is growing at a very fast pace. Even faster then Malaysia that started earlier then them. Local bottle shop and microbreweries came and exhibit their beers. You will be surprise by the selection!

Some of their local brewed beer are very nice. Also have some China microbreweries came and showcase their product too. I reach the venue about 1pm. By 3pm I already try more then 20 beers. The American range is amazing. You guys know I’m a sucker for American craft beers. The best part are plenty of them came with draught!

If you are into craft beer and stay in Malaysia. This kinda event is like a big toy fair except it’s beer. Even at small taster glass, getting drunk at even like this is not hard.

This venue is big and the stall are quite far apart. Which had their pros and cons. A lot walking needed to be done! So you can actually drink and burn far at the same time… Haha. Good excuse to drink more!

The night view is awesome too. If you scared of cold, get a jacket as it will get a bit chilly when the sea breeze gaze by.

By night, there are live band and DJ spinning to hype up the mood! After whole day of drinking, the beat does make you want to dance! More shouting, yamsing and body movement to warm you up during the chilly night! Well, this is day 1 and today and tomorrow will be more awesome as they are expecting a bigger crowd. This place can easily fit 20k people! See you there! Cheers!

*I’m using an iPhone 4 to write this post and everything doesn’t seem to come out right on the pictures. Maybe will rectify once I have my computer and will post more picture too!

Brouwerij De Brabandere (Bavik Brewery) Petrus Aged Ale

February 14, 2021 – 9:15 am Comments Off

When the beer poured out?
Crisp, sharp acidity to the nose.

How’s the taste?
Highly sour like a classic cider. Clean and crisp finishing.

What’s the colour of the beer?

Where to drink?
Obtained this from Brewers’ Craft, should be available with some craft beer shops around Singapore

My Opinion:
Being a sour ale, Petrus Aged Ale taste like a Thatchers Gold cider with higher alcohol content at 7.3% ABV but less refined. To my own taste buds, this is probably 80% cider, 20% beer/ale.

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