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Beer Excise Maintain For Malaysia Budget 2015

October 10, 2020 – 7:17 pm Comments Off


The excise duty for Beer maintain at RM7.40 per litre + 15% add valorem stay on. So we are safe for now, till the budget 2016 announcement. Let’s cheers to that!

How to held a beer party at home?

December 24, 2020 – 8:18 am Comments Off

beer party

Since Christmas is just tomorrow and you still have some time to plan it out, if not prepare for the coming new year eve. A beer party will be a fun party to have, just remember to get a lot of beer to drink like this is your last christmas, but please please please don’t drive when you are drunk.

Beer party is easy to held, is a flexible party as anything goes. Most of the time, we have a lot of drinks, joke a lot and play a lot of funny games. Of course this beer party doesn’t involve any hanky panky stuff. Normally we start around 10pm and end at… never really know what time it ends. 

Ok, first you need to prepare a lot of beer. Buy a few types of beer, you can also get premium beer if you have a lot of budget like Paulaner (just to inform that we are selling it). Get a few cheap beers to do shot gun. Buy also some ladies drink, from juice to shandy to mix cocktail and stuff, which ever the ladies prefer. Or like my case, I would always buy juice, so the lady will help me finish up my vodka (the drink I really hate).

Second, get some junk food, know your friend taste. Junk food that can’t go wrong is potato chips, mamee, ground nuts or anything with peanuts, chocolate…etc. Third must always make sure got poker cards in the house, if not buy one. During the party, turn on music in your house, each new guest that turn up are force to down a shot gun. After that gather around and play games.

You can play drinking game like russian poker or big small. In our case, we create our own game like Queens & Bubbles (I will explain it next time). Other interesting games is Mafia, which will make “trust” don’t exist after playing it. Advice that couple don’t play this game too seriously. Try to finish up the beer before everyone left. If those who drink till very drunk, ask them to stay over or their girlfriend to drive them back (if the girlfriend still sober). Please don’t drink and drive, I repeat please don’t drink and drive.

By the way, some reminder before I end the post, if it’s after midnight, please don’t turn on your music too loud, if you stay in apartment, please don’t jump up and down, don’t shout on the balcony. Also if your friend vomit during the party, just put him in the toilet, as he will make a mass of your place. Don’t forget, pose a group photo every time you have party for good memory. Have fun and enjoy. Feel free to email me your own beer party or send me some picture, I can gladly post it up. Since Christmas is tomorrow and New Year is just around the corner, plan your party now, go book your hotel room that is nearest to the fireworks. Enjoy your holiday season and cheers!!!

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