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Rumour: Excise Duty For Beer Increase Next Year

August 27, 2021 – 10:13 am Comments Off

malaysia and beer

Malaysia Budget is just not far from now on 25th October, already Iā€™m hearing rumour that the excise duty for beer will increase. So far no numbers are given, as any percentage of increase is not good for our pocket.

Currently, our excise duty for beer is RM7.40 + 15% Ad Valorem. Without any price added, you already payed around RM2.80 per can (330ml). So with more increase on the beer excise, our beer price is not justify at all. Worse scenario, smuggled beer is at the highest since years as now I can easily get a can of smuggle beer anywhere from local eatery to chain sundry shop.

With our currency is in bad shape now, importing beer are now in good shape now. Price is at all time high. Doubt Najib will read my post, but increase excise duty is not a good way to do so. Plus many predict that there will be a bad recession ahead at 2014. Even opening a bar now worried me a lot.

Of course my wish for every year is to reduce the excise duty, but maintaining at this high tax level is good for now. Better import my beer before the price increase.

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