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Jungle Beer Kiasu Stout

January 24, 2021 – 10:11 am No Comments

When the beer poured out?
Roasted malty aroma

How’s the taste?
The roasted aroma can be taste, with balance bitter and some roasted bitter sour at the end. Remind me of coffee and chocolate, with nice carbonation enrich the taste of the palate. At 7% ABV, this is a full bodied beer. A lot flavour swirling around.

What’s the colour?
Deep black coffee.

Where to drink?
Drank it in @ Jungle Beer Brewery, Sembawang, Singapore

My Opinion:
Is an interesting imperial stout with intense flavour of dark malt and roasted aroma. The like end roasted bitter sour remind a lot of coffee and dark chocolate. For me this can be stress relief drink… haha. Is a full bodied beer, but the body is not as thick. So making the beer easier to drink while your palate absorb the taste.


1 Day Trip To Singapore Jan 2012 – Morning

January 18, 2021 – 9:24 am 4 Comments

Last year I did a 1 day trip to Singapore, didn’t manage to do much. This time I manage to get a brewery visit and a friend to tag a long. This make the whole trip very fun, at least got some drunk moment to share with. As usual, I’ll take the Sunday night train and arrive at Singapore on Monday early morning. We reach around 7:30am, wash up and have some simple breakfast.

Then Aditya the brew master from Jungle Beer, pick us up from Woodlands checkpoint to the brewery at Sembawang. Even before his van reach the bus stop, I already can spot his van. What a nicely painted van. Jungle Beer started their brewery in August 2011. It’s still a young brewery. My main purpose of this trip is to check out the beer (by mean drink a lot of it… haha). So Aditya have arranged the pick up, brewery visit and tasting all the available beer at the brewery.

He bring us straight up to the lounge located on the second floor while waiting for another friends to arrive to join us for the brewery visit. First stop, Adi served us his new creation Jungle Beer Dunkel Weiss. Is a very nicely made beer, nice aroma, great light roasted sweetness, nicely carbonated and of course is good for breakfast as well. Since the German have been doing this for century, a dunkel weiss for the morning breakfast will never go wrong.

Secondly, he pour us the Jungle Beer Easy English which again have some light fruit like sweetness aroma. No pungent in taste but have enough to taste its flavour. Easy going beer that I can drink all day as well.

Third one is a belgian style Jungle Beer Lah Belqigue. This beer have lots of spices, an interesting combination of flavour. Half bodied beer, with nice head and soft lingering aroma.

The fourth one is the imperial stout, Jungle Beer Kiasu Stout. Have a roasted, soy sauce hint of aroma, full bodied beer with great taste. A strong taste beer, that will take away your tiredness… nice after 8 hours of train ride.

From there, we proceed to the brewery below. Too bad, Adi did not brew on that day, if not the brewery will smell even more amazing.

Adi explain the brewing process in the brewery, as this is a microbrewery, many things have to hands on. A lot of heart and sweat are put in to create the wonderful beer. Even the bottling are done by hand, including sticking the labels and writing the best before date.

Then he bring u to my favourite place, the storage room. This room smell like fresh bake cookie. The aroma from the malts and hops linger in the room. Is really a lovely aroma. Enjoying a beer inside here is even better.

Then Adi pour us a fresh beer from the fermenter tank. You can’t get beer fresher then this. The fifth beer we tried is another of his new creation the American IPA. This beer came on the right time, with all the brewing process we heard, a glass of beer in hand will crunch away the drooling.

After that, we go up there and continue with drinking and chatting. If you ever saw this 5 guys in the picture, please don’t ever stir them for a morning beer, as they will sure do it… haha. Before we know it, is already 1pm. Really appreciated what Adi had arranged, plus the beer I’ve tasted from the brewery is a thumbs up. My favourite would be the Dunkel Weiss and American IPA, as I can drink this 2 beers all day long and maybe end with 2 glasses of Kiasu Stout.

I’ll continue the 1 Day Trip In Singapore Jan 2012 – Afternoon on next week post. Cheers for now!

Here’s The Party!

December 20, 2020 – 2:21 pm No Comments

Building on the positive momentum and overwhelming response towards the debut of “Where’s The Party?” (WTP) held in June this year, Carlsberg has raised the bar by hosting another outstanding party for more than 2,000 party goers challenging the curiosity of partying in an unknown location. The trademark characteristic of withholding key information on “Where’s The Party” kept Carlsberg fans curious and looking hard for leads on the location, time and other party details.

This time, the exclusive by-invitation only party was held at the very own Carlsberg Malaysia’s Brewery in Shah Alam, the facility where the first Carlsberg beer was locally brewed in 1972. More than 2000 guests attended the party, which had an eclectic mix of exciting games, fun rides and free flow of Carlsberg beer. The party incorporated an ‘amusement park’ theme, complete with childhood favourites such as a ferris wheel, pirate ship and an adult carousel. Some other traditional fun fair booths also included Ring a Green, Toss & Score, Duck Hunt, ‘Our holes, Your balls’ & Wild Wild West.

With its reputation as the ‘party of the year’, this time, a key highlight of the party was the Sky Ride, which gave partygoers an exhilarating experience of being buoyed by a hot air balloon. Consumers were also given an opportunity to relive their childhood and be enthralled by circus acts which included stilt walkers, unicyclists, jugglers and balloon sculptors. There were also various group challenge games such as ‘Road Runner’, ‘Peddle to the Bell’ and ‘Dare to Dash?’ which aimed to engage all partygoers and create a community spirit among them.

To liven up the atmosphere in the evening all through the wee hours the next morning, Carlsberg presented an array of entertaining performances by international DJs, renowned rappers, bands and musicians. Locally acclaimed performers Dennis Lau and Shawn Lee presented a thumping combination of an electric violin and beat boxing. Special group appearances by famous Korean star, Lee An, the unforgettably spontaneous star rapper of Carlsberg Malaysia, Mr Soren Ravn along with violinist Dennis Lau awed the party crowd further. Home-grown bands Crossfire and Paperplane Pursuit had the crowd dancing to their chart topping hits. World renowned girl band ‘High on Heels’ also made their first appearance in Malaysia and entertained the crowd with their creative mix of LIVE classical instruments with song mixing on their turntables. “Where’s The Party” came to a close around 2am the following morning after several hours of non-stop music with international DJs; Sophie Sugar from the UK and Hiloco from Japan.


Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia said “We are thrilled at the extensive reach of Carlsberg’s “Where’s the Party?” and the immense support and interest garnered from consumers. The main objectives of the party is to create memorable, inspiring moments and experiences for consumers as a way of encouraging them to be bold and stepping up to do the right things. When they think of celebrations and achievements, they will think of the next level with ‘That Calls for a Carlsberg!’”

As an interesting touch to the party, all partygoers were assigned their own, unique RFID (Radio-Frequency Identity) tags, which enabled them to collate points from the games they played and redeem prizes accordingly. These RFID tags were linked to their Facebook accounts and enabled them to update their Facebook status simply by tagging on the “Like” stations throughout the brewery.

In line with Carlsberg’s philosophy of responsible drinking, Carlsberg encouraged all partygoers to enjoy responsibly and in moderation. As part of the ‘Enjoy Responsibly’ campaign, Carlsberg planned engagement activities for consumers such as the Alcohol Testing Zone, where consumers had their alcohol level tested while partying and the Drunk Man Zone which enabled consumers to play an android game which showed them the effect of excessive alcohol consumption. These activities served as a reminder for all partygoers to be safe, in control, drink smart and stick to the age limit.

So Here Is The Party!

December 19, 2020 – 8:35 am 2 Comments

Attended the 2nd edition of Carlsberg‘s Where’s The Party at their very own Brewery where the first Carlsberg beer was locally brewed in 1972. Estimated to have in excess of 2,000 guests at the venue scattered across the various areas of the brewery. Loads of food, games and rides like the Ferris Wheel, Pirate Ship, Adult Carousel and the most packed of all, the Sky Rider.

As usual I got to the venue earlier than everyone else and the crew was still in the midst of setting up under the rain. Made my way into the Tavern for some drink cause I’m a tad thirsty. Ehem. What a way to start the party eh? The first of the many buses ferrying the party goers started to arrive around 4pm from Shah Alam stadium and everyone made their way in and got the party going.

Around 5pm, for the media, Carlsberg had a short Press Conference introducing the various acts that’ll be performing later in the night with the likes of Dennis Lau, Shawn Lee, Lee An from Korea, Crossfire, Paperplane Pursuit, High On Heels, DJ Sophie Sugar and the kawaii DJ Hiloco from Japan.

Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia said “We are thrilled at the extensive reach of Carlsberg’s “Where’s The Party?” and the immense support and interest garnered from consumers. The main objectives of the party is to create memorable, inspiring moments and experiences for consumers in a way of encouraging them to be bold and stepping up to do the right things. When they think of celebrations and achievements, they will think of the next level with “That Calls for a Carlsberg!”“.

Joey G and his beautiful “wife”, Patricia Knudsen was the MC for the night, keeping the crowd up to date with what’s happening here and there as well as getting the crowd grooving with from the 1st Act onwards where Shawn Lee took to the stage and introduce everyone to his shoes. -more-

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Holland Beer Brewery Bangkok Thailand!

August 19, 2021 – 9:04 am 1 Comment

This place is found about 20~40mins by taxi from Bangkok’s main center on Rama II . I was very surprised by the size it was massive!! And the amount of people pouring into the place! Yes I thought! The holy grail of beer in Thailand must be here!

Well it was kinda…..

This place was very Thai orientated…. fair enough I’m in Thailand!! But in terms of a beer enthusiast looking for the western microbrewery experience you won’t find it here aye.. The main attraction is the big stage show with various choreographed dancing and singing shows  in Thai and also some English pop/R&B solo and duet songs are performed…. highly entertaining to be honest! The beer here is surprisingly fantastic though which is the main thing!

The place has absolutely nothing to do with Holland other than the crazy windmill out the front and the fact I assume those Dutch love their beer?! Well they made Heineken and Grolsch I spose….

The whole place is more so centered on the massive stage show and awesome food more  than the excellent beer on offer even though fermenters behind the bar themselves were clearly in view and big!

No one sitting round the bar, Just the wait staff collecting orders and filling up those incredible beer towers that you see round Thailand and Malaysia mainly in food courts…gotta love that!

So we ordered our food and I ordered the BEER! They had three brews on offer a dark Dunkel , a Weizen and a wait for it a…….. Lager!!

After a week of Lagers in beaut Chiang Mai I was craving a good ‘ol ale! Had a stein of the Dunkel to start off  nice roasty choc malt on the nose and a faint noble hop aroma. Wow… on the mouth full it was very malty and  caramelly in taste and smooth as! It was more like a robust porter beer than a German style Dunkle. The Weizen was very nice too! Big banana and clove notes on the nose  true to style, very cold creamy and refreshing going down as a good Weizen should be! It filled me up quite quickly though due to the wheat malts and having close to a litre of Dunkle before!  Now the Lager….

Now this was a big surprise! No big hop aroma but a subtle scent of a noble hop was there along with a good fresh somewhat pilsner malt grain tone. Mmmmm….nice and cold going down  like a Lager should be with a awesome very well balanced bitter after taste! Easily the best lager I had on my Malaysia/Thailand trip! I can see why this was the most favored brew at the venue! Could of drank it all night…and almost did!

I wanted to complement the brewer but found it hard to communicate this to the staff due to the language barrier. Oh well if you’re out there mate I think you make some of the best beer in Thailand by far!! Service by the way was excellent- as always in the land of smiles : )

The food was great. If you like your fresh seafood dishes this is a good place to check out if you are ever in Bangkok. We had the crab curry and rice  and it was a very good match for the Lager.  I’ll definitely be going there again next time I’m in to find a decent hotel on Rama II…….

Holland Beer

129/9 moo 6 Rama 2 Road
Bangkok 10150
Telephone: +66 2-4531101-10




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