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Fail: Drink & Don’t Drive

October 15, 2020 – 10:02 am Comments Off

Drink and drive is always an issue in Malaysia. I have too many friends that I know off met an accident after drink. In that instance non of them got hurt badly and neither is their victim. Regardless how minor or major the accident, drink & drive is an offence that we must avoid.

I myself is guilty of this. Many of us have survive many time to tell the story but accident can happen anytime, but drunk driving will make the possibility higher. Which is not something that we should do or practise.

In oversea, the practise of drink & don’t drive is something really good. We should all learn from it. I myself should start doing that. I shall not say more, just have to slowly get used to it. Cheers and be save on the road.

Is it possible to beat a Breathalyzer Test?

July 15, 2021 – 9:44 am Comments Off

This is taken from Mythbusters show where they try out the Breathalyzer test. From this we know is not easy to fool the machine as Beer Beary did it before on her EP2.

Either way is always interesting to find how desperate we are to fight this breathalyzer machine. The best way is don’t drink and drive.

BeerBeary Ep2: Can you cheat a breathalyzer test?

April 22, 2021 – 6:27 pm 4 Comments

Hmm… interesting. Anyone have any new idea of cheating the breathalyzer? All I going to said is don’t try not to get yourself caught at a police road block.

BeerBeary – Ep1: How many beers before failing a breathalyzer test

April 15, 2021 – 2:01 pm 3 Comments

Something nice and interesting to watch. I know most of you are looking at the girls. She is indeed quite cute. After the video, I think none of us should drink and drive. By law most of us are over the limit. I should get the breathalyzer, is nice to play with it… Cheers, have fun with the video! Good Job Sharon, can’t wait for more stuff from you.

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