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Kilkenny Launches Its Premium Beer In A Bottle In Time For The Festive Season

November 26, 2020 – 10:08 am 5 Comments

Traditionally a draught beer only available in bars, pubs and restaurants, Kilkenny will be launching the unique taste and texture of ‘Kilkenny Beer’, in a bottle. Available to consumers at restaurants, food courts as well as pubs and bars across Malaysia from the 1st of December 2010, the move will make this premium beer more accessible to consumers in time for the festive season.

‘Kilkenny is fast becoming a rising star in our stable of premium brands with a steady increase in demand and sales. Malaysians are increasingly seeking out to try premium beers and we knew that by launching Kilkenny in a bottle, it would allow them to purchase it more conveniently giving more consumers the opportunity to enjoy this exceptional brew, ‘ said Tai See Wai, Marketing Manager of Kilkenny.

‘We are excited about launching Kilkenny in a bottle to consumers, allowing them to enjoy its distinctive taste, aroma and color in a more accessible way, “he continued.

Kilkenny was first brewed on the grounds of Ireland’s oldest brewery in a small town called Kilkenny where it gets its pedigree heritage. This premium beer originates from the St. Francis Abbey brewery, the oldest operating Irish brewery that has been producing great beers since 1710. Almost 300 years later, Kilkenny has become one of Ireland’s most internationally successful beers, and now winning the hearts of local Malaysians who want to try a different brew.

An Irish ale, rich in history, Kilkenny pours a nice ruby red with a golden glow when held up to the light. It possesses a distinctive full flavoured taste that beer aficionados can enjoy responsibly. This unique quality of Kilkenny is shared by both Kilkenny in a bottle and draught making it the preferred switch for beer lovers from their customary brew.

‘Kilkenny is one of my favourite beers as it is smooth and light. I think that it’s a great step to produce it in bottle form as it enables consumers to purchase it easily and more conveniently’ said Deepak Gill who runs a popular blog called CockTales.
‘I absolutely love Kilkenny because of its unique taste. It’s not as heavy as a stout but not as light as a lager either. It is the perfect combination for me.’ said Micheal Cheang, a beer aficionado and blogger who own the blog Eyeris.

The refreshing characteristics of Kilkenny make it great for those who want to just enjoy a social evening out with friends and the perfect accompaniment with food. With all that great food especially during the upcoming Christmas season, you certainly need a remarkable beverage to match. So be sure to head out and ask for Kilkenny in a bottle for the perfect beverage this Christmas season.

How Do You Put The Apple In The Bottle?

October 21, 2020 – 10:19 am 3 Comments

I saw this bottle yesterday and I was wondering how the apple went inside the bottle? Anyone know the answer?

BeerBeary Ep3: How To Open A Bottle Of Beer Without Bottle Opener!

May 27, 2021 – 10:00 am 6 Comments

Tiger Crystal Is Now Officially Launch

March 19, 2021 – 10:10 am No Comments

Tiger beer launch a new beer yesterday at Sky Bar, Traders Hotel. The beer is called Crystal, maybe because of it’s brighter colour at the same time lighter in alcohol. Drinking at Sky Bar is always a pleasure, because of the cityscape view that is breath taking. Before the launch, the beer is serve in the glass, which I can clearly see the colour and the carbonation, including the head.

After some introduction and promotion, the beer is launch. I would have prefer the “Yam Sing” but the MC just Cheeeeeeeeeeeeers… which sound a bit funny in many ways. He should have just “Cheers” out loud and the crowd follow. But quite disappointed from the stone crowd that maybe just come for free beer. Not much cheering, just a bored launch, as the crowd is dead.

This beer will be out for a limited time only. The bottle are transparent comparing to brown bottle that Tiger normally used. Some of the invited guess start to compare this beer with Corona, as the bottle are transparent and drink from the bottle concept. Is this beer fighting the Corona gender? That I’m not too sure, but I do believe – light beer will be the trend to come. Hopefully non-alcoholic beer will follow.

Beside the Tiger Crystal, the highlight of the night must be the promoter girls. The girls are dawn in white dress that look very sexy. In the beginning I think the beer is target at the ladies, but looking at these promoter girls, I may believe that the beer is actually for the guys?

Trust me when I said there’s a lot of pretty girls out there. The girls really bring life to the event. As many guys got their eyes turn every single time the girls walk by, that include me.

Introducing this beer to the market right now is sure a boost. Not too sure the market is ready for light beer, but for sure they don’t really mind welcoming another new beer. KL have mostly change to tap/draught scene which not sure bottles beer will work well. This we have to see how the consumer react to it. Cheers to Tiger Crystal!

Bottle or Can For CNY

February 9, 2021 – 10:30 am No Comments

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, beer is a must. Some ask me is it better to get bottles or cans for CNY. I’m not a feng shui master, nor am I any good in fortune telling. I don’t really know bottles or can will effect any of your auspicious believe. All I know is Red is the CNY colour… haha

Ok back to the question Bottles or Cans. For me, CNY is easier to go with beer cans, there are few reason to it. First thing, you can throw in more can in the fridge then the bottles. Bottles take up too many space in the fridge.

savanna premium cider launch @ Carlsberg Brewery Lounge

Second, beer can also take up less garbage space compare to the bottles. The beer bottles are not light, especially after 2 carton of beer bottle. But 2 carton of beer cans is still as light as feather.

Third, breaking glasses is always consider as bad omen. I fallen can will just spill some beer and dented the can, but a fallen bottle will shatter the glass and is really troublesome to clean up.

Fourth, weight load are so much heavier compare bottles to can. Although bottles are cool to drink from, nicer in many ways compare to cans. Is not that ideal when you buy in cartons and cartons.

Fifth, when everyone is excited you found out that your house don’t have bottle opener. A can is easy and much faster compare to bottles.

So there you have it the pro of having a BEER CAN is still better then a beer bottle. Have fun this CNY. Cheers!

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