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Thank You For A Beautiful Sunday!

August 26, 2021 – 9:53 am 2 Comments

Thirsty Sunday was held on the 15 August 2010, the first co-join event Beerbeer did with Bakita @ Changkat Bukit Bintang. The event start at 12pm and end at 5pm. A 5 hours beer tasting event.

The customer that comes pay RM35 to enter to get buffet food and free tasting to all the beer that on exhibit. Each person will get a wrist tag when they come in.

And the surprise doesn’t end there, those who came got a goodie bag sponsored by Carslberg. They received some Carlsberg merchandises.

The booth of the beer exhibitor are put outside for the crowd to try, if they like they can purchase it. But for that day, Jaz Fresh and Starker beer go all out by giving free flow to all the beer taster. Someone even get drunk that day, but most people are just happy.

The place is filled with people but my estimation was totally wrong. I estimate around 150 people to turn up but only around 60 people were there. So having it on Sunday afternoon may not be something good. As many already have hang over the day before.

Some walk in tourist from nearby hotels and backpackers did come in and have some good drinking session.

The beer selection for that day is quite good as many are not familiar with the selection of the booths. Beer that for tasting include Budweisser, Pure Blonde, Erdinger Hefe, Erdinger Dunkel, Stell Artois, Hoegaarden Witbier, Chimay Blue and Savanna Cider from Luen Heng.

Even the baby are curious how the beer taste like. I can’t blame him, as everyone on the table is holding the golden elixir and sip away on a hot Sunday afternoon.

Some even bring their family to enjoy. I enjoyed to see this table the most, as I can see 3 generations of people gathering and eating, while trying out some beer that they never hear off.

Starker and Jaz Fresh (which launch few days back) are giving out free flow to anyone that seek for taste. I was surprise to see so many people haven’t try Starker beer before. At the same time I was happy that Starker willing to come to an Carlsberg outlet. That’s why you see a missing GAB (Guinness Anchor Berhad) in action.

I was hanging around a lot at the CDA booth where they bought in 4 samples for the crowd to try which are Estrella Damm, Birra Moretti, Fuller’s Potter and Fuller’s ESB. ESB become the big hit as it was the first to run out. The best part for those who seek to know more about the brand can just sit down on the table and chat with the suppliers.

Some are a bit shy to go and try the beer, I was surprise some just sit there waiting for the beer to serve. The idea is to go around and enjoy with other people or they just waiting for the promoter girl to come… haha

Although the crowd didn’t reach my expectation, but it was still a fun day, after hearing some good feedback from the people who came. I few outlet bosses also came and give support to this event, which I quite thankful to see them.

For some this is more like a gathering to meet friend or just an afternoon lunch to have excuse to drink. It was meant for casual meet up, gathering and just chill out with friends and family.

Even the baby is happy in the end, as he was playing with the beer tap. Sean you better put a lot of beer tap for him to play.

We are very happy as well to see all the people coming in and enjoy the beer. Although out of no where the rain falls for a while, then is back to normal again, everyone just mingle and enjoyed the day of it.

Honestly, have to Thank to all the Bakita Staff that come early to prepare the outlet, for the kitchen who did and awesome job, Thanks a lot to Vijen who letting me have this idea to become realistic.

Thanks a lot to Luen Heng for the beer and promoter girl!

Thanks a lot to CDA for bring the beer!

Thanks a lot to Napex for bringing Jaz Fresh, Starker Aromatic and Starker Lager!

Thanks a lot to Carlsberg for the beer, goodie bag and the promoter girls.

And lastly Thanks to all the people that came and enjoy the Thirsty Sunday. I heard some have diarrhea the next day, not too sure from the food or the beer but we apologise from it. Thanks for all the good feedback and hope to see you next time!

Just have to say sorry to the monkey, as it later found out that there no banana at this party… haha

Till the next Thirsty Sunday, Cheers People!

Something Is Brewing At Beerbeer!

May 25, 2021 – 3:53 pm Comments Off

Keep checking on this site, we will announce something soon on this site. Cheers!

Thank You For The 1,000 Fans!

March 18, 2021 – 3:52 pm Comments Off

Thank You everyone for joining Beerbeer facebook group. We have reach 1,000 fans in our Facebook group. Another milestone for Beerbeer. For those who haven’t join our Facebook group please join.

Yesterday is our first time doing a live blogging at Sid’s Pub, which got good feedback. Hopefully we can continue to do this on other fun event through out the year. This month is the first month Beerbeer introduce advertising space to get some money to support our site and reviews.

So far is been a good year for Beerbeer. Hope everyone continue give us feedbacks to improve our site. Any more female writer our there that are interested to write for us? We always welcome more female writer.

By the way, Beerbeer’s demographics show that we have more female reader then male reader, mostly age between 25-34 & 45-54.  Most of the reader read Beerbeer in office, this show how stress your work is as you need some good pub to distress your work load… haha

Maybe the female reader is the one decide which pub to go, please give us more feedback so we can be the best Beer Blog Site in Asia! Cheers to all our readers!

Beerbeer on The Fairy Current Show Interview!

November 1, 2020 – 11:42 am Comments Off

We reach 400 members in Facebook!

September 11, 2020 – 2:02 pm Comments Off

I happy to announce that we just reach 400 members in our facebook group. We started the group since December 2008, more then 10 month only we got this number. Hope more will join in the group. This month we also have post more then 500 post since May 08 and have viewership more then 10k per month. Hope all this good thing will continue! Thanks to all the reader for support. Cheers!

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