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Beer Judging For Beerfest Asia 2013

June 13, 2021 – 9:45 am Comments Off

My Singapore Beerfest Asia trip always start 1 day before the actual event because of the Beer Judging event. On the event we can meet a lot of great people and brewmaster, plus can meet some great friends from the industry.

This year is no different as well. I have started my Singapore Beerfest Asia trip by drinking and trying out beer that no available in Malaysia.

Beer judging is not an easy process, is not only about how it taste, it also about how the colour, the character, then aroma. Of course the judge must also know the character of each type of beer very well.

Every year the entry of the beer judging increase, this mean the judges have more to taste in each type and also mean that it will only get harder. Taste so much beer is not easy as well.

Of course organising the tasting is not easy as well. As the beer have to be kept annonymous so that the judging will be fair. To be honest, trying so many beer in each section is not an easy job, it may sound like a good job but trust me that this is a difficult job.

Lucky for us, there is a lot of leftover beer for us to try and drink. We did our own section of beer that we never try and it was fun. Cheers!

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