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April Fool Was Never This Fun!

April 4, 2021 – 10:53 am Comments Off

Last Sunday, which is April Fool Bakita and organise the 4th Thisrty Sunday. This time we theme under April Fool Edition. This is by far the hottest Thirsty Sunday ever, on most Thirsty Sunday, the weather are not that hot plus normally it rains.

The food for this round is Curry Mutton with toast for the old school style, Pie Tee for refreshing nice and easy palate, keropok lekor for an awesome beer snack, Bakita Nasi Lemak which have plenty of spice to make you jump around with good plate of compliment side dishes and Goreng pisang Bakita style serve with ice cream.

As for drinks, after a few miss on the last moment, we did get one thing right which is the Toddy. A few miss steps here and there, especially on the drinking department. First the beer was send wrongly, secondly the toddy only able to pick up 2 hours before the event and thirdly there’s no Toddy on draught as the original container was only 10 liter which is not enough to fill the people’s satisfaction. Gladly, everything turn out awesome. It’s sunday either way, so everyone have a happy mood.

The Toddy are very sweet and nicely balance in coconut aroma. To start with, this is not your conventional toddy which ferment on the tree and only used coconut sap. This is a confine fermentation toddy in a fermenting tank, beside coconut sap it also contain coconut water and coconut flesh. Interestingly normal toddy only ferment 1 day, this one stay in the tank around 4-5 days, I actually not sure how high is the alcohol percentage on this.

One thing for sure, many did enjoy it. Some already mixing it with stout for the old school aroma. Can’t blame them, as Toddy is famous for mixing with Stout to give the Stout extra boost in flavour and in our case we may just double the alcohol content. Who know?… haha

Like all Thirsty Sunday, it will not be happening if there’s no crowd. Like usual, our early comers adopt to enjoy Thirsty Sunday to the maximum by coming on the dot and drink, eat and merry all the way with their friends to extended hours.

I get kinda worried as not many people turn up before 4pm. Only few tables was occupied, I thought this will be a quiet Thirsty Sunday. So I also sit down and chill with my friends and it feels like my friends get together.

Most was quite shock to see the food we served, great compliment to Bakita for the great idea of serving local food with tapas style twist. Most will try all the food , sharing with their friends. Which is what Thirsty Sunday is all about.

My favourite is the Keropok Lekor which goes nicely with the Toddy. The fishy taste and the coconut fragrance compliment each other. The mutton curry is another of my favourite. Lovely beer snack.

Of course, more people turn up later. To my relieved the place is almost full by the time I notice it. I was having my own good fun drinking with all my friends that I forgot that we are the half organiser of this event… oops

Earlier crowd are quite chill by now, drinking, chatting and just relax. Going slower on pace to give some breather.

Many choose to go inside, as the heat on that day is tune to maximum. I chill my self with more drinking to cool down the heat. Ice cold beer, keep flowing down with nice snack food and toddy. Been mixing my drink a lot.

Table hopping is another things that regular in Thirsty Sunday will do. They will hop around table to table to meet new friends. They are like our ambassador, really love those bunch of people. Hope they don’t hustle anyone…. ya right!

Each individuals will experience Thirsty Sunday differently. Some just came for a chat, some came for drinks, some just want to chill out with friends, some look for new friends. We end with different type of laughter and yamsing (toast).

In the end, the prank is on us as so many turn up late. For the first half the place is quite empty and the second half the place is full up. You guys got me there. The most important thing, like all Thirsty Sunday…. Enjoy, laugh and chill! Till then, Cheers!

Thirsty Sunday – Pricelist On Drinks!

March 30, 2021 – 11:45 am Comments Off

RM 5
Toddy On Draught

Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc
BlackThorn Cider

See you this Sunday!

Thirsty Sunday – April Fool Edition

March 22, 2021 – 4:19 pm Comments Off

1 APRIL 2021
Bakita @ Changkat Bukit Bintang
2.30pm – 7pm

‘Thirsty Sunday’ is back!

No pranks here but only a great Sunday afternoon waiting to happen!

For food, it’s a play on local flavors that you would have never guessed on having with drinks and it’s RM5 & RM10 for ice cold draught beers, ciders and cocktails such as Carlsberg, Kronenbourg Blanc & Blackthorn Cider!

There’s also always something new being introduced at each ‘Thirsty Sunday’ and this time, it’s Toddy on draught!

It’s going to be awesome so spread the word, bring your friends and family coz this is something you don’t want to miss!!

See ya this weekend!

P/S: Entry to this crazy awesome Sunday event is free!

For more information, check out our facebook page or follow our twitter.

3rd Time A Charm!

December 12, 2020 – 10:43 am Comments Off

Thirsty Sunday 3rd Edition is a charm. Just happend yesterday (11 Dec 2020) at Bakita. The weather is lovely, this is the first time the rain don’t drop on Thirsty Sunday. So no one needed to be shield from the rain.

This edition we have the roast lamb. The roast lamb is awesome. I have slowly see the roast lamb cooked for 2 hours slowly roasting above the charcoal fire. Lovely.

It may look lean, but the lamb is juicy and tasty. Even I can’t resist my self from having a few plates. Thinking about it write now make me want to go find some roast lamb. Most prefer the ribs, I think the leg still taste better and have more bites to it.

In this edition, we introduce coupon system as is faster and more organise for the staff. Each coupon is worth RM5. The entry is cost RM25 for 5 coupons which you later able to spend it on beer or food. Can easily top up by buying another 5 coupons each time.

The pricing for the beer starts at RM5 for Carlsberg or Connors, RM10 for Kronenbourg, Leffe, Savanna or The Coconut Cocktail. The Coconut cocktail is make from Coconut Palm Wine called Coco Cabana, is not widely available in the market yet. So we have the privilege to promote the product to Thirsty Sundaiers (If there is such words, let start using it… haha).

Of course like all Thirsty Sunday, always there are bunch that arrive earlier then the setup time. Thirsty Sunday Tradition is drink first, eat as it goes around.

As the crowd are slowly coming in, the roast lamb is still roasting. Making everyone very hungry. I was drooling since the lamb is setup for roasting. We got plenty of  Salad to choose from. RM5 for get Egg & Potato Salad/Bakita Caesar Salad/Grilled vege, Crisp Tuna Salad or Meatball, RM10 you have chicken pie & RM15 for the Roast Lamb.

As usual, the crowds make Thirsty Sunday what is was. A simple get together for all the friend to enjoy a great sunday afternoon. Catch up with family and friends, eat a bit, drink a bit. No rowdy crowd, no drunkard, just people enjoying a sunday get together!

The afternoon was great, it seems many know each other, I saw so many swapping tables, from one end to the other. Everyone having a great time mingle and drinking. As the time goes, the voice get louder and the laughter seems to be heard from every angle.

By end of the event, hope everyone are filled and the thirst is crunch. Although is just over yesterday, I can’t wait to plan the next Thirsty Sunday. Pump up your suggestion and let brings in the comments on what you want to have in the next Thirsty Sunday?

Thanks everyone that helps to promote Thirsty Sunday! Thanks everyone that came and enjoy their afternoon with us. Till then, see you in the next Thirsty Sunday! Cheers!

Thirsty Sunday 3rd Edition – Sunday Roast!

December 6, 2020 – 8:38 am Comments Off

11 Dec 2020

Bakita @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

2.30pm – 7pm

RM25 per person

We don’t have to tell you what ‘Thirsty Sunday’ is all about but it is that time again! Gather your friends and family and let’s have a great afternoon. Best thing of all, we’re in the best and joyous month of the year and we couldn’t think of anything better than making this edition a ‘Festive’ one!!!

There’ll be roast lamb, salads, creamy chicken pie, meatballs in sauce and a lot more!

Draught beers “As Usual” are going for RM5 and RM10 per cup!  (Carlsberg, Connor’s, Kronenbourg Blanc, etc) and we’ll have a special cocktail drink being offered too!

It’s RM25 per entry but you get RM25 worth of coupons! Kids below 12 years of age enters for free.

See ya this weekend!

For more information go to our Facebook Page


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