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New Beer In Town – BOCQ Fruit Beer

May 15, 2021 – 4:11 pm Comments Off

Bocq Agrum and Apple just arrive at our shore few days back. Now available at Ales & Lagers. It come in a 250ml bottle, that can goes quite nice with food. It’s a light wheat beer with fruit flavour. Agrum is a mandarin orange flavour while the other one is apple flavour wheat beer. Have fun trying! Cheers!

Strange Man Caught Buying Apples Around Town

June 18, 2021 – 11:27 am 1 Comment

If you like Cider, a new brand is coming to town. Now you’ll have more choice!

Bye Bye Steve Job… RIP (1955-2011)

October 6, 2020 – 8:57 am Comments Off

Just come after a day of announcement of the new iPhone 4s, Steve Job passed away after fighting with health issues. But never the less, he is a great man that inspired many great young generations. He do inspire me as well, maybe not in beer but more on creative and looking at the future. He have inspired me with Apple product for more then a decade… till today still are a big mac fan. Don’t forget Pixar as well, that changes the animation scene.

His presentation are consider one of the best, which capture attention and make wave for many others to follow. His creative in the industry have make many ground breaking style which we all enjoy today. A genius in his own time.

Steve Job, if only you were in the beer industry.

I will all give a toast to the success and creative that he give to us Cheers!

How Do You Put The Apple In The Bottle?

October 21, 2020 – 10:19 am 3 Comments

I saw this bottle yesterday and I was wondering how the apple went inside the bottle? Anyone know the answer?

At last my mac!

July 25, 2021 – 8:18 am 1 Comment

As I was taking a long break in my hometown Penang, I also bought a 2nd hand Macbook, cost at RM2,000. I met the buyer from As this is not my first time buying stuff from buyer, I have no problem doing so. Thankfully, I got the price I want, and able to satisfy my personal liking of owning the Mac. Hopefully with this new baby, now beerbeer are going mobile! But I do face a small problem, the Memory for this baby cost a bomb! For 2gig is about RM500. Anyone know where I can get cheap RAM for MAC? Let me know, I can treat you beer. Cheers!

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