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Nickeldime Drafthouse (Singapore)

October 21, 2020 – 9:30 am Comments Off

The month of October sees the birth of a well established watering hole in Singapore, Nickeldime Drafthouse. Situated at a strategic location of Novena, it’s just 5 minutes walk from the MRT station.

Nickeldime Drafthouse




The Concept
Quality food paired with quality beer at the price that does not hurt the wallet for men and the purse for the ladies. At the corner of the shop is a section setup as the bottle beer shop of which attractively priced beers are available for takeaway.



Spacious seatings and beautiful retro decoration makes the whole experience relaxing and conducive for some good companies and conversations.



The Beers
Craftbeers from American, British to Belgium. From Lager, India Pale Ale to Porter, the varieties of beer will spoil you for choice. If the bottled beers variety is not enough, there’s 15 taps with fresh from the kegs are served everyday. Proceed to the counter and look for the friendly bartender for what they have to offer that day on draft.


The Food
Beer is definitely the theme here. As if the vast amount of beer selection is not enough, the food is inspired and infused with beer. With good selection of bar bites, pizza, burgers and ribs for the protein hungry patrons, the food will not disappoint.



The Conclusion
Definitely should come and experience Nickeldime Drafthouse if you are a local. If you are vising Singapore, include this in your must-try list for craftbeer place to visit.


Contact Info
Address: 273 Thomson Road, #01-06, Singapore 307644
Tel: +65 6256 0261

Winning the calorie conscious beer drinkers

October 31, 2020 – 8:46 am Comments Off


(The StarOnline) MILWAUKEE: How low can beer makers go? Having conquered the beer-belly set, some of the biggest U.S. brewers are trying to win over the six-pack-ab crowd with ultra-low-calorie suds. The question is: Are drinkers willing to sacrifice flavor and a bit of the buzz? And: How long before beer gets turned back into water?

Most regular American beers, such as Budweiser, have about 150 calories and 5 percent alcohol, while most light beers contain around 100 calories and 4 percent alcohol. The new brews, MillerCoors’ Miller Genuine Draft 64 and Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Select 55, are well below that.

Their calorie counts are in their names, and they both contain less than 3 percent alcohol. Guzzling a whole MGD 64 or Select 55 is like taking a few swigs of a Bud. Mindy Rotellini, a 25-year-old graphic designer from St. Louis who watches her calories, reaches for MGD 64 from time to time, even though the brew is “kind of watery” and it’s tough to feel the alcohol.

“I just have to drink more, and then it’s going to equal the amount of calories in a regular beer, so why not just drink a regular beer?” she says.

Chris Bethel switched to Select 55 because it is low-cal. He says he likes the light taste and doesn’t mind the reduced alcohol. “I’m not a college kid trying to get wasted,” says the 36-year-old network engineer in the Columbus, Ohio, area.

Both drinkers speak to an unavoidable tradeoff: To cut calories, beer companies reduce the amount of malted barley and other grains that are fermented during the brewing process. That, in turn, reduces the amount of alcohol in the brew. The result is a beer more like its main ingredient, water.

“You start producing something that could taste very, very thin,” says Thomas Shellhammer, professor of fermentation science at Oregon State University. “That would be the challenge for the brewer, to produce something that still tastes like beer.”

(As for nonalcoholic beers, some have more flavor than others, but overall they tend to have more calories than the super-low-cal brews. The top-selling brand, O’Doul’s, made by Anheuser-Busch, has about 70 calories and is thin-tasting.)

Light beers account for about half of the US$99 billion-a-year beer market in the U.S., according to the Beverage Information Group, a market research firm. But the market for super-low-calorie is probably small, says Eric Schmidt, manager of information services.

MillerCoors says MGD 64 (slogan: “As light as it gets”) has sold twice as much in its first year as Miller Genuine Draft Light, which it replaced a year ago. It would not release specific figures.

After a few weeks of testing Select 55 in 15 markets, Anheuser-Busch decided to expand into a dozen more starting this month. The company isn’t sure yet whether demand for the beer is big enough for it to go national. MGD 64 is 2.8 percent alcohol. Select 55 is 2.4 percent.

David Mitchell has been drinking MGD 64 since its release and says he prefers its taste to that of Coors Light, his previous beer of choice. “It’s almost like drinking a glass of water, but it has the beer taste,” says the 41-year-old from Gilbert, Arizona.

But some hardcore dieters aren’t interested. Beer connoisseur John LeMasney used to review craft beers on his site but gave that up after gaining 50 pounds (22 kilograms) in a year.

He has cut back on his drinking to lose weight. But he refuses to try the new low-cal beers.”I’d rather spend 200 calories and get something I really enjoy,” he says.

World Beer Cup

August 6, 2021 – 8:36 am Comments Off

Not many people will know about this event, as this is not something we look forward accept for those beer craze people. I don’t know this event until recently. This bi-annual event bring 644 breweries from 58 countries and 45 U.S. states to compete for the winning beer. A total of 2,864 beers entered in 91 beer style categories. A total of 91 style of beer categories, honestly speaking I only know a few of it. 

This competition open my eyes on American beer, of 268 award the americans won 185 out of it. This is 2/3 of the total medal, which in political wise, they should have rule the world in the beer industry. Either way, is fun to know that such event exist. Of course not all breweries compete in this event, only those who wish to compete enters.

I won’t go through all the 91 category winner, as is going to take up too much time to even type. Most of the brand I never hear before only brand that I know is Hoegaarden which won the Belgian-style white. I believe many brand did not enter this competition as brand like Weihenstephen and a lot of Belgium Trappist could have enter the list. Maybe they did enter but didn’t win any award. I’m not to sure, all I have is the result and not the list. 

Maybe by the next beer world cup I can go for visit of the event. This year the event is held in San Diego, USA in April. So 2 years from now, maybe I’ll be there trying out those beer (must be dreaming). For more information about the world beer cup, click here. Cheers!

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