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Durian Season And Beer

July 6, 2021 – 10:48 am Comments Off

Wrote an article last year about “Durian And Alcohol Myth“. There’s lot’s of rumour about how when this 2 mixed together, it can cause death. I tried twice and once with good decent amount of both, still survive. But we should not play with life this way… serious face.

I love to eat durian, every year I try to make it at least once to eat at the Balik Pulau durian orchard to have a feast there. Of course I didn’t bring beers there. If I do that I think they will bar me from entering… haha, even worse if they throw durian at me.

Have you ever see any fruit worms bigger then durian worms. That show how fattening is durian. The best part about durian is the taste in your face. The pungent of flavour, the sweet, the bitter and the aroma.

Of course, lately eating a good Durian in KL will cost you a bomb. The cut throat price on the Musang King, XO, Ang Hair… and many different type will scare the hell out of you when paying the price. The price is ridiculously expensive. Paying so much for durian still have to eat at roadside and you were saying Angus or Wagyu beef are expensive.

Maybe one day I should try drinking beer from the durian shell. Normally drinking water from the shell after the durian meal is good to cool down the body. Maybe Malaysian scientist should study the shell of durian or husk to recycle it and become paper or usable fiber. Durian itself is amazing in many ways. Is either you love it, or you hate it.

One thing for sure, the durian beer I brought back was not what I expected. The taste is flat maybe I have kept too long and plus the traveling of the beer may have deter the taste. But the beer don’t have the pungent of durian sweetness and bitterness. Is just more like a durian dodol flavour beer. The after taste is also not amazing. Just a mild durian after taste, was looking for a stick the mouth durian taste. Overall is a good effort for doing a durian beer, this way people can enjoy it without getting killed… haha. Maybe you can tell me your story of Durian & Beer! I bet there is an interesting surviving story from it. Cheers!

a life less ordinary vs beer embargo?

June 7, 2021 – 8:59 am 2 Comments

For the first time in my life, I turned down all invite for booze over the weekend. There were about 6 of it and I even went to the pub twice and not a single drop of alcohol. It’s Saturday now and I just came back fresh from a party, and yet still without a single drop of alcohol.

What happened? There’s a few possiblities; for instance I am just f***ing with you, or I finally f***ing own up to my ‘I want to f***ing quit drinking’ talk I have been saying since 2001 or just an attention seeking hiatus. Fact is, it was none of the above. I am sick.

Sick as in just a simple gum infection, nothing too extraordinary, but it was, in my humble opinion, more hurtful than having a Brazilian wax every minute of the day. But it wasn’t really. I am chicken shit, so I loaded myself with drugs to kill the awful awful torment, drugs to help me sleep and after a short consulation with a person so familiar with drugs, he’s got a degree in it, he managed to convince (tricked) me to take antibiotic!!! You’re probably thinking, it’s only antibiotic, it’s not f***ing rats’ poison or cynide.

It might as well be. There’re so much drugs in my system, you might as well change my name to Pfizer.

“Here take this 3 times a day. You might as well take one now!”

“Ok, yeah, sure.”

“Oh, by the way, you should not consume any alcohol while taking this drug.”

“For how long?”

“Just until you finish the course of antibiotic.”

“What antibiotic? THAT…!!!? Are you f***ing kidding me? Ughhhhh…IT’S THE F***ING WEEKEND!!!”

I broke his pen and left the clinic. Might have also gave him the finger and some unintended profanities might have occur on the way out.

Truth be told, I *can* consume alcohol.  All it’s going to do (supposedly, you can’t quote me on this) is just render the antibiotic useless and probably but not likely hit me with worse infection. Won’t die from it, but don’t quite fancy another infection. Hence, an internal alcohol embargo.

So everytime the phone rings, a part of me wants to throw in the towel and give in to fate. All but one call, from Borj, and Italian friend that cooks, like, well…any other Italian. Good food, great company, a lot of chicks, and wait for it…booze. 10 minutes into the party, I was only chewing on baked potatoes and my beloved friends were stoked that I was not on my second beer. Or gin. Or both and some tequilla shots too. Explaining myself was not as tough as trying to f***ing talk to anyone, cause I have never f***ing seen them while I am sober before.

Surprise, surprise, I was dry with humour, too f***ing edgy, even walked away from a fine English lady that was talking to me about some gibberish because I don’t know what was appropriate to say. Bloody amateur. In short, not only did I purge (supposedly) the toxin away, I indeed purged some friends away too. What do I usually say or do with them I was drunk that it took so much of my time? So much for my first weekend without booze.

After 10 Years Still The Same?

May 23, 2021 – 1:33 pm 2 Comments

Saw this article at The Star newspaper and I think I was quite surprise in the figure. I’m not surprise of the ranking but I was quite surprise at the number as this number are exactly the same 10 years ago. You can see the same figure from 10 years ago written by Institute of Alcohol Studies. As I wrote a post about this figure 2 years back in Beerbeer.

10 years ago we have the same figure of 7 liters of alcohol consumption per capita, 11 liter of beer consumption per capita and the country spend over US500 mil (RM2 billion during 2001) on alcohol per annum. Of course now come the confuse part, we actually spend less money then before compare to 2001 as the exchange rate was around 4x compare to now 3x.

Alcohol tax have increase many times during that period of 2001-2007. Yet alcohol consumption is the same but the spending have decrease by RM500 mil? That raise a few questions.

1. Is Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Heng Seai Kie looking at the right statistic or still referring to the old statistic?

2. If the statistic is correct then we actually spend RM500 mil less then what we spend in 2001 compare to 2010, how come she said alchol consumption in this country is getting serious? When we actually spend RM500 mil less compare to 2001?

3. With RM500 mil spending decrease, how come we still consume the same amount of beer and alcohol? Are we going for smuggles, fake and illegal alcohol goods? It doesn’t make sense as alcohol price have increase greatly since 2001 and we actually spend lesser while maintaining that figure.

Please someone can give me some answer…?

Durian And Alcohol Myth

May 10, 2021 – 9:15 am 2 Comments

It has been known that durian and alcohol don’t mix, yet many have tried and tell off the myth. But I still think what the old people said can be true, this believe have been started since  18th century. (more…)

Rescind The Ban On Muslim Workers, MPSJ Told

January 14, 2021 – 12:18 pm 2 Comments

Source: The Star Online

SUBANG JAYA: A public outcry has erupted following a move by the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) to ban Muslims from working at entertainment outlets with liquor licences.

The council is facing pressure to rescind the controversial ruling.

State local government chairman Ronnie Liu said the state government had not given approval for the council to enforce the ruling which would affect the livelihood of Muslims employed at pubs, hotels, restaurants and entertainment clubs. He said the issue was discussed at the state exco meeting on Wed nes day.

“We have advised the MPSJ president to withdraw this new condition,” he added.

MPSJ is said to be enforcing this condition on entertainment outlets namely pubs, discos and clubs which have liquor licences issued by the Customs Department, stopping them from employing Muslims.

This new condition was apparently endorsed at the MPSJ’s full board meeting in June 2009 and is in accordance with Section 18 (2) of the Syariah Criminal Enactment (Selangor) 1995.

Under the new guidelines, entertainment outlet operators will be subject to fines of up to RM5,000 if they flout conditions of the licence.

MPSJ councillor Mohd Nasir Yusoff said the councillors were informed of the new ruling during a full board meeting in 2009. The matter, however, was not discussed thoroughly.

“The enactment has been in existence since 1995,” Mohd Nasir said.

Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) secretary-general Abdul Halim Mansor said MTUC was against the ruling as Muslim employees are only working at these outlets, not drinking alcohol.

Jamsharee Al Qudsi used to be a marketing manager but after being retrenched, accepted a job as a mixer for cocktail drinks at an entertainment outlet in Subang Jaya.

“I don’t drink, I mix the drinks based on what I feel would taste good.

“MPSJ must rescind the ruling as it would affect numerous Muslims,” said Jamsharee who considers himself a devout Muslim.

My Opinion
I think local guys in the pub is always better then foreign workers that don’t speak local language. Most locals waiters or bartenders are really friendly and some are really pro in their job. Of course I wish the MPSJ rescind their decision as well.
The F&B business already so tough, with this kind of rulings will just make F&B slump even further.

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