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GAB Unveils A Legacy Of Craft At Affligem’s Official Launch

November 12, 2020 – 10:10 am Comments Off


Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) introduces a legacy, a legacy of craft known as Affligem. A distinctive luxury specialty beer with a rich history, that will meet the demands of more discerning consumers.


Amidst a sophisticated atmosphere that drew inspiration from the time Affligem was discovered, guests were introduced to the super-premium beer’s rich and exquisite taste, and were given a fine and intimate Affligem experience.


“It gives us great pleasure to launch a Belgian craft brew with a rich history dating back to 1074. Affligem is alive with heritage, purity and craftsmanship”, explained Hans Essaadi, Managing Director of GAB. “This being the first super-premium brand in our portfolio, Affligem appeals to sophisticated drinkers who appreciate fine, quality and intimate occasions.”


The beer was first brewed in Belgium by six knights who, in 1074, gave up the pursuit of war and committed themselves to purity, to the art of brewing beer. They were rewarded with a precious discovery; a taste so pure, unique and full character that they dedicated the rest of their lives to it.


The original recipe for Affligem, has been passed down through generations since 1074, unchanged, and an unwavering commitment to excellence continues throughout the brewery’s day-to-day execution. This includes the process of “Double Fermentation” – adding a special yeast to the freshly-brewed bottles, giving Affligem its distinctive, mature and complex taste.


Over the years, Affligem has won gold at a series of industry awards, including the prestigious ‘European Beer Star Awards’, where some of the most renowned and beer-savvy experts congregate to judge authentic specialty beers. Further accolades were also achieved at the ‘World Beer Cup’, celebrating the superior taste and quality of Affligem.


Affligem is made for private, cosy and relaxed occasions, ranging from one-on-one fine dining to a small gathering of good friends. Affligem is available in premium dining establishments, intimate bars, premium grocers and convenience stores nationwide from October 2014.


The formal affair introduced the Affligem Masters, who demonstrated various methods of enjoying the Affligem experience through the signature pouring rituals. The Experience Pour is the complete pouring ritual, with a set of unique equipment that allows drinkers to savour the intense fruit, citrus and spice flavours. The Classic Pour is a simplified ritual that allows drinkers to enjoy the fruity hoppiness of Affligem.


With the addition of Affligem, GAB plans to appeal to the super-premium beer segment in Malaysia by presenting a quality Belgian craft brew, every bottle double fermented, with a recipe still pertinent to today’s tastes and lifestyle, since 1074.

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