BEERBEER is the portal for beer lover to check out new deal and a portal to learn more about beer. BEERBEER also provide a portal to help promote the pub, bar, bistro, gastropub and cafe to more wider audience. We also help give consultant to who ever need on the information of beer.

The name is choosen because of it’s easy to remember name. It’s also easy to call

When BEERBEER started?
BEERBEER started on 6 May 2008.

What can I find inside BEERBEER?
Is all about beer, from beer belly to Oktoberfest to beer pouring to Shotgun. Anything that related to beer are posted up here.

What is BEERBEER mission?
BEERBEER mission is to make Malaysia people understand and enjoy the drink more. Create more beer drinker and also promoting places that serve good beer.

How to contact BEERBEER?
Can email to kennhyn @ beerbeer.org for any suggestion and feedback or just to call us out for a drink. You can also share your experience with us.

If in Australia, you can contact Dane @ beerbeer.org for any media invites or events.

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