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Nello’s Blond

March 16, 2021 – 12:00 am 6 Comments

Nello’s Blond
origin: Belgium
Tried: 14th March 2009
Sponsor: Friend who bought it from Antwerp.

Hi my name is Adelaine and this is my first beer review for berbeer :) I have been wanting to write a review but didn’t really find anything interesting.. I seem to be drinking the same stuff over and over again *sigh*

This is however something different.

The label to start is strange, it does not look like your standard mass produced beer label. Looks more like something from a smaller brewery and it has a whimsical feel to the design. It looks like something I would pick up if I see it on the shelf! Strangest thing is the text behind is nearly 100% japanese… mm.. maybe it is a popular belgian beer in japan.. mmm..

The colour is a little darker and murky.. you could feel that it is a little bit thicker (than pils) when you pour.

The taste? This is what I liked most.. it has a hint of honey both in smell and in in flavour and a hint of caramel, although my friend disagree.. she says its a flavour from malt.. she works as a flavourist so… I think she would know her 2 cents more than me about this.

But as whimsical as the label is, the flavour is equally so.. as you try to figure out.,. what is this strange brust of taste of favour..

For anyone who complains that they do not like beer because it is bitter, this is a nice compromise. This is not a fruit juice plus beer but a real beer beer but the bitterness is hidden somewhat by the sweet time I’m in Belgium, I’m buying 2 dozen.

I would recommend it for a colder weather or an air cond venue.. not something you want to chunk down to cool down during a hot day. Perfect to drink while watching chick flicks on a weekend with girl friends eating chips and tapas.. :)

could be not so much a “manly” beer, so could maybe not appeal to people who like their beer, strong and bitter :P

I like it though, and try if you have a chance :)

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6 Responses to “Nello’s Blond”

  1. kennhyn Says:

    This is something interesting, I never taste beer with Honey taste before. But belgium do brew some good and flavourful beer… cheers!

    By the way, welcome to beerbeer and thanks for writing for us, looking forward for more beer stuff from u…

  2. mj Says:

    It is making me drool for more beer…. so tempted to get a beer now… too bad the taste will not be the same!

  3. adelaine Says:

    hehehe, the honey might just me my over imagination.. but it does have a sweet flavour.. like a said hint of honey.. i will tray the best beer in the world u recommended, I will be in belgium in May and thanks for the welcome kenny!

    Hi MJ, u need to get kenny to smuggle some into malaysia :P

  4. kennhyn Says:

    How I going to smuggle it to Malaysia, maybe Adelaine u can send back for me… haha

    By the way MJ is another beerbeer writer from KL, Ah Hup is in Singapore doing review for us, and you in Germany. Of course we have Cyprian in UK, ConCon in Philippines, Ashley in KL and Lili in Penang… we have a lot of writer to contribute for beerbeer, maybe we can have our own gathering when anyone coming/back to M’sia

  5. adelaine Says:

    hi kenny, i will be back in july.. i will try to bring u guys some bottle beer ok.. hahaha.. anything on ur wish list?

  6. kennhyn Says:

    hmm… Maybe u can get Augustine for us to try, recommend by a German friend. But how many bottle can u get… haha, I don’t mind if u can smuggle us Belgium Westelvetren (not sure how to spell it)

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