Playing With Lemon

January 21, 2021 – 9:27 am No Comments

I have been thinking to mix drinks with lemon… not that I want to be a bartender or anything but thinking to mix the taste with lemon. As lemon play a big part in food chemistry, I bet it play a big part in drink chemistry as well.

So first stop I try it with lemon and whisky. To be exact is Jack Daniel as the cheapest whisky at the bar. It was a surprise. The taste come out better that I thought. The sweet aroma and the citrus sour make the whisky more palatable.

The lemon actually balance up the taste. The aroma of the blend also balance up and to my surprise it actually have a light hint of banana comfort aroma on the nose. Is a very successful mixture that surprise to the palate. I was quite satisfy with the mixed.

Second stop we try with brandy. But we play with 2 different style, one is just adding the lemon drops and the other we add in the zest while flaming the brady.

The adding of the juice did not give any lemon character to the brandy until certain amount that are not favourable to brandy.

As for the zest and flaming, the conclusion are better but is not worth the effort. The reason is too much hassle, may as well make a cocktail out of it. The zest give a citrus aroma to the brandy but is not worth while to do.

Third stop is even more adventures. An espresso with lemon squeeze. The end product is the espresso is too strong, no hint of lemon on the nose and sour taste to the coffee. It create an easier palate to down, but the coffee aroma is too strong to let the lemon to gain any foot hold on it. So this experiment failed big time.

There’s not much conclusion, I was just playing around with ideas with CK (Mayfair’s Bartender). Stirring the idea from my mind how lemon can enhance more taste out of the drinks that normally people will blend with coke and green tea.

Of course not the coffee. The coffee is just to try out how lemon can effect strong taste. But I’m glad to conduct this experiment. It gives a different perspective to taste which really bring up a few notch. If you guys try any good blend which I should give it a go, please let me know. Cheers!

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