San Mig Light

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By San Miguel Brewery Inc. Philippines. Low calorie pale pilsen with only 100 calories per serving. Bought this from Carrefour Plaza Singapura. S$3.35, 330ml bottle @ 5% ABV.

The first light beer in it’s country as indicate on the back of the label, you can see from the bottle’s behind.

Light, clear gold colour.
Floral with light hint of malt on the nose.
Runny mouthfeel, clean taste with just a pinch of malt on the palate, NO-bodied. Hoppy flavour dragged from here all the way to finish.
Nothing in the aftertaste.

This beer is brewed with full beer flavour and right alcohol hit, made less filling at the same time according to San Miguel. Well, it really went gentle with my stomach, felt almost nothing that I had a Miller’s Genuine Draft shortly after. However, I don’t really agree on the “full beer flavour”. I guess I’m drinking low-fat milk here.

Overall, I still prefer this than the normal San Miguel beer due to it’s softer hops flavour. I will stock some as pre-dinner drink.

p/s conquering beer belly kenny? will you swtich to rather tasteless beer just for that?
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