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March 9, 2021 – 8:58 am 1 Comment

When the cap is pop?
Can smell the flavour of citrus. Also can notice the head coming out from the bottle. Is really carbonated.

How’s the taste?
The first gulp I can notice the taste of citrus, with a bit of sour end hint with bitterness. Overall very smooth and easy to drink. When you drink it you won’t know that this beer actually have a 8.5% ABV, which is very high. The beer is also very carbonated. Only when the beer start to get warm the I can feel a bit of alcohol taste at the end.

What’s the colour?
Golden Brown in colour.

How’s bottle the design?
I like the bottle design, but don’t really like the front label.

Where to get?
I drank it in Brussels for RM30 per bottle of 330ml.

My Opinion:
I think this is a good beer, at last I tasted Duvel. Always saw them in mgazine and review, so at least I able to try them in Malaysia. For that price, once a while should be alright.

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One Response to “Duvel”

  1. Fairy-j Says:

    Well, I’ll try this on my next visit at Brussels. Like your page here, thanks for so many recommendation. (^_^)

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