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Brewerkz Indian Pale Ale (IPA)

June 28, 2021 – 9:56 am Comments Off

When the beer is served?
Nice fragrance of floral aroma

How’s the taste?
A very strong sweet bitter taste on a first gulp. The hops bitter is through out. Nice carbonation in the beer and end with biting bitter after taste with hint of floral aroma. This give you the bitter sweet taste linger in the mouth after taste. With 6% ABV, this beer have a lot of character and taste.

What’s the colour?
Hazy dark golden brown

How’s the glass design?
Nothing too fancy

Where to get?
Brewerkz @ Singapore

My Opinion:
If you like hops taste, then IPA will do a lot of justice. IPA is not a simple everyday beer, is a beer pack with taste. If you are not a big fan of bitter sweet you may not enjoy this beer.

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