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Brewerkz Golden Ale

June 21, 2021 – 8:53 am Comments Off

When the beer is served?
A nice floral aroma

How’s the taste?
The beer is hoppy, with sweet bitter end. Through out the drinking the floral aroma is there. The malt flavour is also there. A nice sweet lingering after taste. With 4.5% ABV in this beer, make it easy to drink. The carbonation is good too.

What’s the colour?
Hazy dark golden yellow

How’s the glass design?
Nothing too fancy

Where to get?
Brewerkz @ Singapore

My Opinion:
This beer is nice, not that bitter yet very easy and refreshing to drink. Pairing with food with just plus up some appetite. The floral flavour have some hint of mango sweetness to it, which make this beer very nice to drink.

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