Royal Stout

June 7, 2021 – 10:27 am 3 Comments

When the cap is pop?
Sweet malted smell

How’s the taste?
First gulp give an heavy flavour impression with dark bitter taste plus sweet roasted smell and aroma with slight dark chocolate hint. Full body rich in taste, have a bitter sweet after taste. Maybe of the rich flavour not much alcohol can be tasted on this 8% ABV stout.

What’s the colour?
Dark Black

How’s Bottle the design?
Typical bottle design.

Where to get?
Drank it at Carlsberg, but available everywhere.

My Opinion:
Is a thick drink that can actually go well in pub area if they come in draught. The taste is nicely balance, too bad have a reputation covered by other brands. This beer is not that bad but not chill beer to start, is more of a boost beer to me. Cheers!

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3 Responses to “Royal Stout”

  1. phantom Says:

    I actually prefer this to the Guiness Foreign Extra(not so bitter) n cheaper too.

  2. Albert Says:

    Guinness is for me, 100% :) It’s still the best after 250 years….

  3. Proteus Says:

    Nothing beats the “Black Dog Beer” when it comes to Stout.
    Its Guinness all the way for me too.
    To Arthur!

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