Hopf Spezial Weiβe

May 24, 2021 – 10:14 am No Comments

When the cap is pop?
Malt flavour & hops smell lingering

How’s the taste?
The first gulp bring in some citrus aroma with slight bitter. Can see from the glass the nice carbonation. It also give a sweet aroma after taste. This beer is smooth and easy to drink, with 6% ABV. A half body beer, rich with taste.

What’s the colour?
Cloudy dark yellow

How’s Bottle the design?
Typical bottle design.

Where to get?
We drank it in U•Yen.

My Opinion:
I like this beer, full of taste and aroma and very easy to drink. This beer can pair it with many type of food. It doesn’t give the refreshing bit but put in more effort on the kick to the taste. For sure is another wheat beer in the market.

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