Hopf White Eisweissbier

May 3, 2021 – 10:19 am 5 Comments

A white beer just like the hoegaarden! that was the initial thought in my mind when I first saw this beer picture taken by Kenny. He gave me so much hope in this beer that I was afraid that it would not lived up to the standards I perceived. I WAS WRONG… IT WAS GOOD!

I have to thank Larry (u-yen) for telling me it was the last bottle for the day and I quickly jumped to the opportunity to taste this beer.  Don’t worry guys,  there is more white beer to come!!

It was 0.33litres


Animals and beer sure does have something to do with each other…. but being an ice white beer, the husky sure represents a lot!  The design is a typical “hand grenade” style as pointed out!


Firstly, I was told that I could drink straight off from the bottle but i was hesitant and poured right into the Paulaner glass.  The beer colour seemed to be like a cloudy lager and the carbonation was good, but I did not form a proper HEAD because I wanted to leave them in the bottle.


The smell was very light fruity and has hints of clove.


The taste matched the smell, started of tarty with hints of clove and fruits… but they were all very quick and light but I would definitely call it pure!  It is something like an in between of a pilsner and a wheat beer.  It maybe because of the brewing technique that gave this beer a much more pure and light taste as compared to the other wheat beers.  The bottle on the other hand gave me a different perspective as the last bit taste so yeasty… it was as though I was having a different beer.


The aftertaste was like a normal wheat beer… lingering wheaty taste asking you to drink another bottle.  I would love to have another bottle but it was the last.

Lastly – I would say that the ladies would love this beer and even more than some other beers as there was no significant bitterness in them and the taste was not as strong as other wheat beers… the taste of this beer may seem familiar to many, but  you would definitely be having more of it as it gives you a very light and good finishing…. PLEASE GRAB THEM as we do not know if the stocks will last!… if it is the last bottle…. please remember to leave one for me!

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5 Responses to “Hopf White Eisweissbier”

  1. vijen Says:

    hey bro,

    if i wanna buy, where can i buy it from? I’m very interested….do call me if you can and we can discuss? 012-2009697

  2. MJ Says:

    Hi Vijen,

    There are limited bottles and I think I think it may just be gone by now. Heard that most restaurants have purchased it. Maybe you can drink it in U-Yen dude :) .
    Will try to book one for you, kennhyn is away and will get back to you ASAP.

  3. Beer-Lover Says:

    Heya bro,

    This really attracts me! Hahaha.. Probably because the bottle itself already look so “ganas”! Can you please tell me which bar/restaurant/bistro you went to for this? Or anywhere I can try this.


  4. kennhyn Says:

    You can go Bayernhaus @ Cap Square, UYen @ Centre Point-BU, OCHA @ Cheras, Kissaten @ Jaya One or Puchong, BoatHouse @ TTDI and many many more outlet.

    But by now, not too sure the Hopf still got stock as they didn’t import https://beerbeer.org/files/in that much… all the best searching for it!

  5. Frank Says:

    We have stock here @ Drinks Cafe, Sri Petaling

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