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Guinness Premium Beer (Black Lager)

April 26, 2021 – 10:26 am 5 Comments

When the cap is pop?
Nice malt aroma

How’s the taste?
The first gulp, nicely carbonated. Slight bitter end with malty aroma lingering. The body is light and have good taste to it. Very smooth and easy to drink with good nice sweet roasted aroma. Not much after taste. With 5% ABV, this beer is quite smooth and easy to drink from the bottle.

What’s the colour?
Black colour

How’s Bottle the design?
Actually look not bad with the silver label.

Where to get?
I drank it in Sid’s Pub.

My Opinion:
It does look like Guinness draught when pour out, but the body can easily distinct as a lager. This beer does make a good difference from stout. I kinda like this beer.

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5 Responses to “Guinness Premium Beer (Black Lager)”

  1. Sachi Says:

    Nice review. Guinness is definitly one of my favorite beers, love the taste.

  2. kennhyn Says:

    o you pair your guinness with food?

  3. moses Says:

    guiness is one of the best beer i’ve ever come across but there is something diffrent about it among all the rest,guiness is the master best 4 me i don’t know about others.

  4. 0W20 Oil Says:

    Yeah, Guinness is some awesome beer. What about Samuel Adams? Do you like that beer or only dark beers? Aren’t dark beers supposed to be a lot healthier for you? Guinness is a real man’s beer!

  5. Amsoil, Phil Beigbeder Says:

    They make a good beer, have not tried this as of yet. My favorite is FAT TIRE beer……from the western USA…..higher octane and a delightful glow in the mind and body from it…….hope to try the Guinness someday!

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