Gerstel – Non Alcoholic Lager

March 29, 2021 – 10:39 am No Comments

When the cap is pop?
Sweet malty aroma

How’s the taste?
First gulp in can already feel very sweet in malt taste. Slight fizzy with a light sour end. The head for the beer is not bad but no follow up after that. Light and end with some sweet malty after taste. It’s 0.0% ABV which mean non-alcohol

What’s the colour?
Darker light crystal yellow

How’s bottle the design?
Typical looking can of sad design.

Where to get?
A friend get it for me to try.

My Opinion:
So far still wasn’t able to find the non-alcoholic beer that taste like beer. This taste more like cold Horlicks then beer, maybe is good for health… haha

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