Morland Old Speckled Hen – Smooth

March 15, 2021 – 10:05 am No Comments

Was doing pub crawl at Bangsar, and came in Finnegan’s to have something different, after many mugs of Tigers. Old Speckled Hen, our third mug there. This was from the tap, smell a lil’ skunk, sourish, hardly any aromas.

On the mug, the body has amberish color with decent foamy white head. How it taste like? It reminds me about Flying Dog somehow, just like the smell, there is a hint of skunkiness, it taste something rustic farmy, or someone would say, chicken soupy. While lingering in the mouth, there is some hoppiness and a lil’ herbs like taste.

The after taste, a lil’ salty bitterness . The mouthfeel is smooth and mellow, easy to drink, but just couldn’t get my mind off the skunkiness, very farmy taste, if you’ve been to animal farm, you’ll know what i meant.

Since it’s a lil’ salty, taste a lil’ chicken soupy, might pair well with the chinese ‘beggar’ chicken? have to try that out..

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