Hacker Pschorr 1417

March 8, 2021 – 10:46 am No Comments

When the cap is pop?
Light aroma of malt.

How’s the taste?
Light with some flavouring with some slight woody taste. The beer is sweet with linger flavour of light aroma, nicely carbonated with some sligh bitter end. The beer is not too strong in taste, with 5.5% ABV is consider very easy and smooth to drink. After drinking, the beer give a nice after taste.

What’s the colour?
Cloudy Light Reddish Brown.

How’s bottle the design?
Flip flop bottle is always nice.

Where to get?
Can get from Paulaner exclusive pub/restaurant and Beerbeer.

My Opinion:
This beer goes well with light food flavour. Strong food flavour will kill of the taste of the beer. This beer is very easy and smooth to drink. Asian food with this beer is quite good but try to avoid those too hot and too spicy stuff… haha

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