Overtime Stärker Beer Promotion

January 5, 2021 – 10:59 am 1 Comment

overtime @ Jalan Sultan Ismail

Overtime is having a Stärker Beer Promotion.
Happy Hour Buy 1 Free 1 (6pm-9pm)


The best part about coming in early to this place is to have some good food to go with this beer. The “Fire Pork” is something worth pairing with Stärker Beer. The spicy pork blend quite well with the citrusy aroma of the beer.


Another good snack to munch on is the Fresh Fried Mushrooms, which indeed I prefer to eat with the spoon rather then a small mouthful using fork. The beer really open up the appetite to smash in more food.


Many think that Overtime doesn’t seems like a early place to hang out, but trust me when I said the promo beer with some good pairing of food, this place do offer a lot of option. When all finish, is time to have another pint of Stärker.

Ground Floor, Life Center
20, Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur
(Just Behind Thai Club)

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