Timmermans Kriek Lambic

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This is Timmermans Anno 1781 Kriek Lambic, a Belgian beer with Lambic and flavored with cherry. Kriek is the Flemish word for a small, dark, bitter type of cherry found in Schaarbeek, Belgium. As the Schaarbeek cherries have become more difficult to find, some brewers have replaced krieks with other types of cherries, either partly or completely.

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This Timmermans pours out a reddish amber with pale white head which quickly dissipate away, but left some lacing behind. Look into the glass showed good carbonation.

Poured into the glass, and smell the aromas of fruity cherries, but sourish, something similar to champagne with cherry notes.

DSC_1598 (Large)

The first sip, a little sweetness with cherries palate, and the sourish taste came in. Plenty of carbonation, and dryness in the end, with cherry palate still lingering. Light body, feel like champagne, with the dryness and sourness, this is certainly a beer with acquired taste to appreciate it.

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Overall, this is a good kriek, recommended for those whom have this wrong perception that beer always is bitter. Easy to drink, yet not something I would drink all night long. Since this kriek is cherry sweetish and sourish, maybe pairing with desserts, salads or chocs would create some interesting palate.

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I got this Timmermans Kriek Lambic from Beer Paradise, Manila. That tells why the beer label is so wrinkled up, traveled long beaten route, heh! Hopefully, there will be more kriek lambic coming into our shore.

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