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Full Sail Pail Ale

December 22, 2020 – 8:18 am 1 Comment

Full Sail Pale Ale

Full Sail Pale Ale

Independent Employee-owned
Fluid Ounces of Ridiculously

Tasty American Pale Ale
Concocted by Our Massive
Brewforce of 47
Specialists in the Liquid
Refreshment Arts Since 1987

There’s no other way to describe the head on this ale — it’s really frothy, especially on the initial pour. There was an initial explosion of fruity smells but it eventually subsides into a mellow sweetness. And I’m still referring to the nose, because the taste of this ale is anything but sweet. The dark copper color almost hides the fineness of the micro-bubbles rising to the top of the glass.

The bitterness really bites and clings. I like the heaviness of the brew. This is a beer for cold weather, which is quite apt for this holiday month. Ales aren’t as “easy” to drink as lagers and pilsners particularly in tropical countries and mostly because of the innate bitterness. This probably explains their utter rarity in the market.

It’s good to partake of a good ale once in a while to train the palate on the variety of “liquid refreshment,” and if only for that this ale succeeds.

Con-Con Rating System:
G=good and will drink if available
D=desirable, will opt for seconds or more
W=wow, would go places just to seek out this beer

The verdict:
Full Sail Pale Ale: straddling between G and D, alcohol 5.4%

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One Response to “Full Sail Pail Ale”

  1. aeroplane1234 Says:

    the color looked too thin and too foamy. the look it self is bit discount. but maybe things will be different when really taste it. haha

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